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Backing Call for Prime Time Impeachment Hearings, Petition Signed by Nearly 100K Delivered to PBS

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/11/19/backing-call-prime-time-impeachment-hearings-petition-signed-nearly-100k-delivered

I imagine there are elements in the Republican party that would not like to see the Impeachment hearings replayed at night for the working masses to see.

I am neither a registered Democrat or Republican, however, it’s easily seen that one party has at some respect for the Constitution, and the other has none.

I don’t think that, at the highest levels of the Democratic Party, there is any respect for the Constitution either. If they didn’t at least pay lip service to it, though, and throw the people a bone every once in a while, millions of people would bolt the party and see things as they really are (that there is no appreciable difference between them) and revolt. And we can’t have a real revolution, now, can we…? There needs to be a place for the millions of relatively intelligent and caring people to channel their energy–and it sure ain’t gonna be with the Republicans. So the Dems give these people–who don’t realized they are being scammed (gamed, hoodwinked)–a place to go every four years so that the status quo can be maintained.

As Little Steven sang in “I Am a Patriot”: “I ain’t no Democrat. Sure ain’t no fucking Republican…”


I think it’s great Trump has a new reality show.

Just imagine if all of the relatively intelligent and caring people could actually see they were being hoodwinked, and did bolt from these two parties.


In a real democratic effort the concept of a Super Delegate would not exist. I will never again support the DNC as long as they put the voice of one over another. I send campaign donations directly to the candidate of my choice. Denigrating responsibility is the first step toward tyranny.