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Backing Up Claims of Coup, Brazil's New President Admits Political Motivation of Dilma's Ouster


Backing Up Claims of Coup, Brazil's New President Admits Political Motivation of Dilma's Ouster

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Proponents of her ouster argued that former Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff was targeted and ultimately booted from office for budgetary wrongdoing or, ironically, corruption.


And Obama sits silently by wanting everyone to believe what a virtuous fellow he is.


The entirety of the political class in Brazil, Left and Right, is corrupt to the bone.
Temer makes that very clear.
He also makes clear that the "politically motivated impeachment" had the approval of a room full of oligarchs and imperialists in New York City.

If any voter in the United States believes that our political class isn't just as corrupt or that a room full of American oligarchs hasn't already decided that Hillary will be the next president, then they should think again.


Every country in the world that has ended up with an "Austerity & Welfare Reform" program has ended up funnelling all it's Tax money into the giant Multinational Banks.

These banks bribe a few politicians, give them a nice percentage and rob the country blind.


A true sign of the times when a crooked politician can arrogantly stand publicly and admit proudly that he and his cronies hoaxed the public to usurp the throne while knowing well that the presstitute media will not usher a word of it.


It is not just Brazil or US, it is the world's political class and their overlord multi national corporations of the world. One world order talked about by HW Bush has come to pass. Includes Obama, Clinton, Trump and the likes. Jill Stein stands no chance in hell to be elected though as most of Americans believe we are the greatest country in the world and do not have clues about reality.


The problem with clueless Americans could easily be solved by overhauling our public school system. If clueless teachers are teaching, then the end result (product) will be clueless Americans.


Very sad, but very true. many of my CNN and evening news only friends are clueless and think they get all the news. Of course, they could see some of the rubbish on facebook from hateful frighten and hateful so called shirttail friends. I was shocked yesterday one of the gals in my dance club said something very hateful about what's happening in North Caroline and another one of them replied saying "Amen" and she is Christian that goes to church every Sunday. Makes me so sad.


"Just contemplate that," Greenwald added, "the installed president of the country admits to a room full of oligarchs and imperialists in New York that he and his party impeached the elected president for ideological and policy reasons, not because of the stated reasons, and the entire big Brazilian press pretends that it never happened"

Gosh, a country where the oligarchs control what the proles see.

Imagine that.


Some of what you say has merit, but most of what you say is propaganda.
Most schools have good physical facilities. The roofs aren't falling in and there are no bars on the doors and windows.
As in all bureaucracies politics is played and entrenched administrators don't spend enough time with the hired help.

But my emphasis was on teacher education. What are they being taught, or not being taught, while earning their teaching credentials. a large percentage of teachers are unprepared and inadequately educated for the task assigned to them. Which is imparting knowledge.

How do I know? I've taught.


I am distressed (not surprised) that there were no responses to your post. I've been asking that same question for a while now. What will it take? How can we (those of us who would like to 'stand up') even get anyone's attention? The MSM sure wouldn't report it.

I hope that social media and the younger generation will be able to confront the horrors that are our current reality. I'm ready to join them...


You'd have to overhaul the media too, and there is no way the oligarch owners are going to accept that. The media are there to normalize America's abnormal, heinous system with its systemic crimes--against black and brown people everywhere, against the world, and against Nature.