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Backlash Against Russian ‘Fake News’ Is Shutting Down Debate for Real


Backlash Against Russian ‘Fake News’ Is Shutting Down Debate for Real

Robin Andersen

The way fake news is being defined in this battle is an attack on alternative journalism itself.


Excellent article! I read the same tea leaves in January of this year when I wrote this article “The Real purpose of the Russian Scare is to Restrict Free Speech.” I’m so happy more and more people are seeing this too! https://turningpointnews.org/exposing-political-corruption/the-real-purpose-of-the-russian-scare-to-restrict-free-speech


Seemingly the original and most often applied duplicitous term is “national interest”. When it is cited you can rest assured you are probably reading truly “fake news”.


Thank you Liberal Democrats!


Like newspapers social media like Twitter should be able to accept what it wants to publish. However, there is a big difference in that newspapers create their own content while in social media the users create the content. The goal of social media is to collect data on users and sell the data to advertisers. The goal of newspapers is to publish news and pay for it through subscriptions and advertising. This is a difficult situation for social media since it usually relies on algorithms which do a poor job when if comes to distinguishing real news stories versus those completely fabricated, which is often a hard task, and are mainly used to avoid paying the cost of large numbers of well-trained employees.


More and more people may be seeing the way things are headed, but people have available to them far fewer ways to distinguish between fake and real polisocial information. They will in all likelihood become informationally panicked and will tend to believe and chase after rumors and falsehoods that seem promising.

I have mostly stopped using Google for important policy type searches and use DuckDuckGo which claims not to trace and track.


I’m reminded of an old Doonesbury strip introducing us to White House Situational Science Advisor Dr. Nathan Null. The good doctor advises young Stewie, who’s having trouble with lessons that don’t conform to his belief system, to challenge them.

“That’s why I always teach both sides of a scientific controversy, not just the one supported by facts. Like the acid rain controversy, or the coal slurry controversy, or the nuclear waste controversy, or the CO2 controversy, or the gas fracking controversy.”

Young Stewie replies, “Gosh, Situational Scienceman, you’re right! I’ll never trust science again, it’s just too controversial!”

And so confirmation bias has become another tool in the kit of the divide-and-conquer crowd.


RT is a breath of fresh air compared to the MSM in the US.


Isn’t it ironic that some of the people formerly known as liberals set into motion a chain of events that led to the end of free speech as well as access to real news. Why isn’t Rachael Maddow talking about slavery in Libya or the plight of the Palestinians? Must be that pile of money she sleeps on gives her a sound nights rest.
Here is Randy Credico interviewed two days ago.



Trump voters are notorious for only believing what they want to believe, but most Liberals have the same problem, they just believe different myths. They take the Democratic Party at its word, ignoring the systemic racism that it quietly props up through neoliberalism, & austerity, & in general they can’t grasp the fact that the Democrats expanded Bush II’s War on Terror threefold.

The Russia buswah is another example of a myth they have swallowed hook, line & sinker. I have a lot of intelligent liberal friends, & almost all are drinking this Kool-Aid. Rachel Maddow is their Jim Jones.


Repression of individual or even corporate voices by large financial interests has about the same danger as repression by government.


The conscious attack on freedom of speech/press as a result of the preposterous Russia-gate concoctions bodes ill for this “democracy’s” future. My cable provider does not carry RT but I watch certain shows on YouTube. Never in my wildest imagination did I ever think that I would be suspect for watching such people as Chris Hedges, Ed Schultz, Thom Hartman, Mike Papantonio, or watching a Third Party Presidential debate on RT, a newly designated agent of Putin’s Russia. Neo McCarthyism is in the saddle and rides the Democratic Party, probably to certain defeat in 2018 and 2020.

Russia is not a communist country, it’s an oligarchic capitalist “system “and the Soviet Union doesn’t exist, yet people such as Joy Reid refer to Putin as a communist, Danna Milbank of The Washington Post talks about the Red Menace, the Director of the CIA actually said Russia is the same as the Soviet Union, and Rachel Maddow et. Al. is in a twilight zone of their making. These are examples of ignorance or of something much more sinister.

Thanks to CD for printing this important and timely piece.


“Something more sinister” is an apt description. And the whole sexual harassment thing reminds me of Monica’s dress which consumed the “news” while Osama Bin Laden was gathering strength and Congress was repealing Glass-Steagall. This time, it’s their plans for war with Russia. See :https://www.lewrockwell.com/2017/11/paul-craig-roberts/will-america-survive-washington/


Much of this link is about Jullian Assange and by extension Wikileaks. Credico and Bernstein seem puzzled why Assange is still being persecuted. I think timing is telling. Wikileaks started getting criticism from the establishment after the release of Mannings material including the video footage of horrific murder by US soldiers. There was also some leaks from the US State Dept. Lots of criticism but no refutation and no arrests or sealed indictments or arrest warrants. In Nov 2010 he gave an interview to Forbes in which he said Wikileaks had a copy of the hard drive of the CEO of a large bank and that the info was so significant that it could lead to the failure of 2 or 3 large banks, Within days PayPal, Visa, Mastercard et al discontinued doing business with Wikileaks to stifle their revenue collection. Then came the arrest warrant from Sweden and arrest in UK and then he skipped bail to take asylum in the Ecuadorian Embassy.
In his interview he had said that the bank info would be released in early 2011. In an interview in Feb or March 2011 he was asked why he had not released the bank info. His response was that he was not at liberty to speak about it and that you can imagine why.
I imagine that the Banksters threatened his family if he released the info and he countered that if he or his family were harmed the info, which is probably in several safe places would be released. So there we have it. A classical stale mate. Assange’s family has been in hiding for several years now. Banksters are vicious and unrelenting and they have the services of all the capitalist countries at their disposal not ours.
Fake news is safe. Real news is very dangerous as verified by the deaths of all the journalists worldwide.


Robin Anderson “colluded” with Russia.


For real laughs and head splitting hypocrisy watch CNN “The most trusted news site”. A joke of a “news” station in which various pro and antiTrump talking heads opine about BS all day - Interjecting opinions throughout their “news” stories. No where have I seen such a degradation of what passes for news than on American TV. No where have I seen news be defined by a bunch of suits regurgitating state BS through opinionated talking heads.

No wonder so many have no real idea of the world around them.