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Backlash To Trump-Kim Summit Is Motivated By Commitment to Projecting American Superpower


Backlash To Trump-Kim Summit Is Motivated By Commitment to Projecting American Superpower

Kevin Gosztola

President Donald Trump’s talks with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un have the potential to usher in an era of nonviolent coexistence. However, the political establishment, corporate media, and foreign policy think tanks are deeply upset that Trump offered to end United States military exercises early in the diplomatic talks for de-nuclearization by North Korea.


There is nothing “super” about America, except it’s people, many who are deceived by the Duopolys dirty tricks.

Super delegates? No frigging way. Just another way for Establishment Democrats to fix their party’s choice.

Trumps super deal making ability? Please. It’s all smoke and mirrors with a large topping of “lies.”

Supreme Court? This group has no relevance anymore. It’s strictly a tool of the Duopoly to maintain power.

Our people are the Supermen, and Superwomen, and Super T’s (gotta include the Trans community), and deserve the credit for holding this Shithole of a country together.

This Duopoly must be defeated for the sake of all of our futures, especially our young.

To all of our Superheroes : Prepare for battle with the devious Duopoly villains.


Isn’t the very logic of the Kim-Trump, let’s call it an agreement, that the mutual threats of nuclear annihilation by Kim and Trump brought about, let’s call it peace in our time?


“The backlash is the product of a commitment to U.S. empire.”

Also, they want to protect investments and jobs in their most profitable war economy.

If Democrats are really interested in winning, they would do well to espouse issues like UBI, direct democratic Blockchain voting by cellphone and other new and popular issues instead of continuing with this imperialist crap and trying to impeach Trump to give us Pence.


Formerly of Maine, Bill Cohen represented The Bath Steelworks in Congress, a MIC Benefactor ( General Dynamics ) and Maine’s largest private employer. He is spouting the company line, not the best interests of the American, S. Korean and Japanese populations who would be sacrificed for $$$ in the pockets of a few stockholders. In other words, he’s a great big lackey and nothing more, here.
As usual, the cold blooded murderers like Cohen hide behind a false posture of American Exceptionalism, masking there money grubbing motivations. What horrid people Cohen, and the other talking heads for nuclear war, represent. They’re subhuman butchers waiting to slaughter and blow up whole countries for the 1%er War Profiteers.
Japan has signed onto this potential Final Solution for the Korean people. How very historically predictable they are. SOS Different Century with these elitist dregs. They could easily base a defense of their strategic interests on Japanese lands, thus making this a mute and phony issue. The cowardly bums won’t, though.
Breaking the MIC into manageable pieces will be difficult for the American people. Since we know, the fog of war begins with the MSM, ands slimes its way outward. But, that’s what is required here. Resistance to these slimeballs like Cohen is not futile, it’s the 99s only option if they don’t want the future generations destroyed by the waste products of Endless War & Militarism run amok.