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'Backwards Not Forward': Greens Slam 'Energy Union' Plan for Europe


'Backwards Not Forward': Greens Slam 'Energy Union' Plan for Europe

Jon Queally, staff writer

Environmentalists and climate action groups are slamming the European Commission's publication of a plan on Wednesday that calls for unifying the 28 energy markets of all EU member nations into a single entity.


“The Commission” only pays lip service to clean energy the same way that President Obama does. While vetoing the Keystone XL pipeline, Obama still supports opening up the east coast to offshore drilling. And his administration still supports the “all of the above” energy strategy based on Oil, Gas, Nuclear and Coal, crafted privately behind closed doors by Haliburton’s Dick Cheney in 2005 under the previous administration.

Take a look at dropping oil prices and pending job losses in Texas, Oklahoma and North Dakota and you will see Europe’s future if they invest in natural gas and new pipelines. It’s a dead end road.

As the Sierra Club executive director acknowledged last year, we don’t have time to use natural gas as a bridge to a sustainable, clean energy future. Solar, wind, geothermal and tidal energy need to be developed now, not just in the U.S. but world wide.


We need to reduce fossil fuel usage directly and the quickest way to do that is Green Transit. The major cause of Oil Addiction is Auto Addiction which is not sustainable. Greenpeace and most Environmental groups pay only lip service to Green rail public transit, bicycling and walking by promoting electric 2 ton automobiles still gobbling up 10 times the land of Green Transit, killing thousands, injuring hundreds of thousands and requiring huge quantities of asphalt, metal, plastic, rubber etc.
Europe is already way ahead of the US using 2 1/2 times less energy per capita for transportation than the US. But it needs to go a lot further to enable almost all Europeans to travel without cars. France is doing an exemplary job in this area with its plans for LightRail in all cities of 100,000. Copenhagen and other cities are seriously promoting bicycling. But it needs to go further if we are going to survive Peak Oil and Climate Change.