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Bad Apples: One Company's Stranglehold on the American Education System


Bad Apples: One Company's Stranglehold on the American Education System

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Pearson Education, the British-owned, for-profit education publishing and high-stakes testing service, rakes in tens of millions in profits at all levels of the American education system—"even when its results don't measure up," a Politico investigation has revealed.

The exposé published Tuesday illustrates some of the many problems with outsourcing aspects of public education to private corporations.


My brother is a dedicated teacher in a school district in Texas with the decided majority of his students being minorities and poor. The school district persists in over-testing while spending who knows how much on the tests and the subsequent processing of test results…all paid to PRIVATE testing companies who also were handed no-bid contracts. The students are brutalized and traumatized by testing week after week and the teachers are brow-beaten by the administrators if the results are not what they expect. Who cares that the students suffer, the teachers suffer, the parents suffer, the school district suffers financially? Certainly not companies like Pearson Foundation (more than likely a group of hedge funders drooling over all the profits to be made on the backs of students K-12 in the U S) that are solely focused on their bottom line/profit margins.



So this is who Arne Duncan works for. Glad to have that cleared up.



I feel it important to keep in mind that the ‘privatization’ mantra that is now so detrimentally sweeping the globe draws on perspectives that hold planned obsolescence as a central engine to the overarching construct of constant growth.This sentence reads with barely a ripple, so benign, so like the old aphorism that still waters run deep.
Where did the amassing of wealth come from hundreds of years ago? What were the methodologies? What ARE the methodologies? We are in the backwash of a centuries old tsunami from an eruption of human narcissism intensifying among the technological/financial elite utterly blind what is being lost due to the full spectrum domination delusion.
Not unlike proposing dedication to solely a technological fix for climate change, humility has been cast as a weakness rather than the living perception of being part of a magnificent creation for/by which we have been endowed with a stunningly elegant resonance capacity called mind.
Vulnerability, like humility has been subjected to an intense colonization of the conceptual capacity and function of these linguistic approximations of living processes.
What happens when vulnerability is considered from the perspective of being on a threshold, where the vast potential for learning is poised for equilibrium required to take in the unfamiliar? It becomes a treasured condition that can and arguably MUST be cultivated. What does it require? Others. Unfamiliar others. The others’ treasures that unfold and arise in equilibrium quite beyond any ‘final frontier’.
Testing/privatization is imposition of mental ‘silos’ for the purpose of further siloing - because the mindset that advocates it can only configure its perspective from those already siloed criteria.
I’m reminded that the real meaning of art - say a Jackson Pollock - is a tracing, an artifact of a PROCESS. Look at the artifacts of Leonardo DaVinci, an individual who wrote backwards, whose designs and sketches were frequently unfinished and whose perspectives generated untold blossoming in countless areas of life.
How many children must be subjected to the backwash of knuckle-dragging failed theories of economic theory destroying the environment and natural capacity of human beings to engage our natural desires to step humbly and joyously into that vulnerability of exploration of meeting the challenges the system has unloaded on this elegant planet?


For folks who might get a tickle from seeing some amazing explorations of mathematical art projects for young and old that are not found in today’s schools:
learning is rich!


Seems if there is money to be made our children are victims. Very sad for our society that even foreign country companies profit off them.