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Bad Feds, Deadly Meds


Bad Feds, Deadly Meds

Rena Steinzor

In December, the Department of Justice indicted 14 people who worked at the New England Compounding Center. The company manufactured drugs in insanitary conditions that produced a fungal meningitis outbreak that killed 64 people and made 751 gravely ill in 2012. One of the owners and a senior pharmacist face charges of racketeering and second-degree murder.


But compounding pharmacies are the stock-in-trade of the “alternative healing” businesses that oppose “Big Pharma” and want to abolish the evil FDA…


The author is a shill for the medical monopoly. What she neglects to mention is that this company had been cited for violations one to three years before this event and the FDA never followed up.

Those cynics among us believe that FDA decision was intentional so they could wait for a major problem and use that, as this shill is doing, to shut down all compounding pharmacies.

NO COMPETITION is the eternal mantra. How dare anyone try to muscle in on the action that Big Pharma controls!? (organized crime vernacular is deliberate)