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Bad Intelligence Leading Us to War Again?


Bad Intelligence Leading Us to War Again?

Robert Kelley

On August 6, Jeb Bush did us the tremendous favor of reminding us of the bad intelligence that led us into a strategic disaster in Iraq that has resulted in the deaths of hundreds of thousands—nearly 5,000 of them American. Actually, it wasn’t bad intelligence. It was cherry-picked intelligence, even faked, and designed to mislead politicians and the public into believing, among other things, that Iraq was actively developing a nuclear weapon.


All this time I thought the Highway Department’s bulldozers, graders, and backhoes were for doing road work. Now I’m not so sure…

Neocons’ favorite two words: “Boo” and “War”.


The truth is that , all politically expedient bluster aside, we aren’t going to war against Iran. Aside from the fact that they don’t have a nuclear weapons program, what they do have is allies – powerful allies. We are no longer in a unipolar world and Iran has good connections to the new silk-road alliance and BRICS.

The greatest danger of war comes from us because our economy is based on it. It comes from NATO and CIA interventions, particularly in Eastern Europe and of course, Syria/Iraq.


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OMG! The bastards are using cars as earthmovers! We’ve got to scuttle the agreement and attack immediately!! We don’t want the smoking gun to be a mushroom cloud!!!


Bad intelligence was not the reason the USA went to war in Iraq in the first place. That just the cover the war criminals use to excuse their crimes.

It appears they are just trying to set the stage for this again wherein they try and create another debate over the accuracy of the intelligence beforehand so they have that to fallback on when they get their next war.


The introduction of cherry picked evidence is one thing but the verification of that evidence becomes less and less possible when so much of what is used as proof by government is declared classified. We accept far too much of what we are told because we no longer object to massive quantities of information that gets classified.

How can there truly be a democracy OF the people if people have no access to what their own government is making decisions on? We watch a separate governing elite… a professional government employee who has the power to make decisions for everyone get hired from a small pool of candidates consisting of those with prior employment, political affiliations and personal connections.

We also grow used to a secret government composed of secret employees who watch us in secret who were hired by unknown persons to work in unknown secret programs to watch us secretly. Who watches those who watch us in secret? Who gets hired for secret programs to watch their own people btw?

Bad intelligence presupposes that we find out that it is bad intelligence in the first place. Did we ever find out what went on in those secret meetings held by Cheney with the energy companies? Will we ever find out what is declared classified?

Will we even remember one day what it felt like to be a real democracy? Or just believe what we are told because we have no other choice and nothing to compare it with.

If the only thing that you are told is a lie, why wouldn’t you believe it to be the truth?

If you answer that you don’t trust the person telling the lie then why do you let them keep lying to you if you know better?

We do know better now…

yet we still get lied to because we have no way to prove that it is a lie…

…when the proof of that is classified.


Baloney. As the Downing Street Report revealed to us intelligence was being shaped around the policy. Bush and his minions wanted war and the lied like so many rugs to get it.One suspects the only reason the PTB offer Iran any sort of deal is that the real men have decided to go to Moscow.


Yeah… I spotted the author used the term responsible lawmakers. Do such things exist in today’s world?


“Will we even remember one day what it felt like to be a real democracy?”

Nice try. While most of what you say is real and valid, your INTENT is to blame average citizens.

How often and of what duration has “real Democracy” existed in this country or most others with the exceptions being some of the Social Democracies of Europe… but austerity is nibbling away at their “edges” as the “War on Terror” also cripples Civil Liberties inside those lands, as well.

You enunciate points that I have made–often–about the Deep State and its secret networks and covert decision-making components.

You don’t speak about the deregulatory craze that turned previously government-run functions and departments–answerable TO The People–into privatized corporations that hid behind Proprietary Secrets the way the MIC hides behind National Security.

You leave out the False Flag trigger that imploded the nation and demanded a relinquishing of Civil Liberties and Constitutional protections as if this type of implosion took place in a vacuum.

You say NOTHING about the previous work of McCarthy and his FBI spy programs or about this nation’s use of internment camps and social pogroms.

Democracy is ALWAYS under threat and never more so than when militarism reaches a pinnacle and/or corporations use their unlimited supplies of cash to own, control, influence, and bribe key politicians and lawmakers.

In spite of these phenomena, and more, you prefer to traffic in a generic WE frame and make everyday citizens into the villains.

Your job description likely depends upon such inversions of truth.

Too often I recognize the way that insights I provided in the way of commentary are apparently studied, repackaged, and used to make a case that’s diametrically opposed to my own.

THAT is no coincidence; and it happens on too regular a basis to be accidental.

You soldier boys try to neutralize, distort, or co-opt any dialog or narrative that doesn’t fit in with your assigned Talking Points.


I realize that you’re repeating a glib Talking Point but it’s still sexist and offensive. Is the mark of an alleged “real man” his enthusiasm for ejaculating weapons that leave women and children mutilated?

Time for some sane definitions about manhood.


We used to keep a large sheet on the fridge that we kept adding oxymorons to. “Responsible Lawmakers” would certainly fit there.

The sheet grew too long, too much irony in the world…