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'Bad News': Biden Picks Retired General and Raytheon Board Member Lloyd Austin as Pentagon Chief

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/12/08/bad-news-biden-picks-retired-general-and-raytheon-board-member-lloyd-austin-pentagon


Did anyone here actually think that moves like this would cease with a new administration?

There is also the issue, unaddressed in the article, that there is supposed to be civilian control of the military. Appointing a 4-star to run the Pentagon is like appointing an oil industry…lobbyist…to the …EPA. Oh. Wait.


I’m not sure why anybody would be surprised that the consummate bureaucrat Biden would surround himself with loyal bureaucrats.

Shit goes in, shit comes out. And apparently vis-verse


He may be a war profiteer on the board of Raytheon but he’s Black and he has “experience” so Democrats will be happy


We have to admit, when republicans are right, they are right. Nobody plays identity politics quite like the modern Democratic Party.


well, another box gets the checkmark!

perhaps consider moving that vaunted fire a bit closer to the feet? I don’t think it’s working so well right now.



The headlines we see are only scratching the surface of the neoliberal onslaught. Every one of these sickening appointments is supported by myriads of former and current lobbyists and professional political hacks by the thousands. The neoliberal war hawks, oil profiteers, and business predators are pouring into DC in an orgy of theft while Americans go bankrupt, homeless and hungry. Welcome to the US circa 2021.


Proudly announcing the first African American Chief Warmonger.
A death merchant lobbying to continue the murder of school children
in Yemen to up Raytheon’s profits. Get used to it! Biden admin
will look like Jr. Bush’s mission accomplished, Obama’s kill list and
Trump’s wandering disasters with a lot of lipstick.


Besides being a corporate tool, the Sec. Def. should NOT be a former flag officer, or really, any kind of career military officer. We are supposed to have a civilian-controlled military in this country, and appointing even a retired senior officer should not be happening. We need someone who is at least skeptical, if not downright hostile to using military force, someone like a Medea Benjamin from Operation Code Pink, which fights tirelessly against militarism and governmental oppression worldwide.


As we sell these missiles and other toys of joy to foreign countries, we must realize that if they become politically unstable real terrorists may acquire such and use them on us. Food for thought. On the other hand, the unfortunate reality is that if we don’t sell them the missiles and toys of joy the Brits, French, Russians, etc. just might. If we sell them these horrid things we retain a smidgeon of leverage with the buyer. It is a terrible world out there and our Progressive objectives are most often stymied by pragmatic realities that are seldom discussed. Peace.


Don’t forget Obama and Colin Powell. Corruption sees no color when it can further it’s evil through the use of a few POC. Biden is surrounding himself with a team with a majority of women. War hawks like Michele Flournoy and Susan Rice. Ah diversity. Gotta love the dems.


Medea Benjamin!? She’ll have to wait until after the appointment of the slightly more likely alternative of the ghost of Tiny Tim playing Tiptoe Through The Tulips while riding on a parade float pulled by dancing unicorns farting Chanel #5. Hard to picture, I know, but not as hard as picturing Medea Benjamin being appointed as Pentagon Chief.


Dems are tireless and unflagging in their cynical efforts to use ethnic and gender identity to shield themselves from criticism originating from the left. They pervert and undermine the very disadvantaged groups they purport to care about and champion in the most craven and ostentatious displays of exploitation by getting them to do their evil work. Sickening and absolutely disgusting.


This is a long, long way from Martin Luther King.

“Their questions hit home, and I knew that I could never again raise my voice against the violence of the oppressed in the ghettos without having first spoken clearly to the greatest purveyor of violence in the world today: my own government.”

“A nation that continues year after year to spend more money on military defense than on programs of social uplift is approaching spiritual death.” (MLK)


Seeing this “diverse” set of neocons in action maybe will dispell the myth of diversity for diversity sake alone, and a very narrow definition of diversity in the first place. You won’t find much diversity when it comes to class, peace-war, or cultural relativity (as opposed to nationalism) for example.


Biden picks black man as figurehead for the MICC war-machine ans arms industry fraud as numerous black people are continually targeted around the nation by police, very often in the same “no-knock” SWAT drug attacks victimizing people entirely innocent of anything - and NOTHING ever changes! - what will Joe and his administration do about that!?

’A nightmare’: why were an elderly black couple targeted in a shocking Texas police raid? - A tragedy and serious crimes by rabid cops with impunity and corrupt violent racist system that a simple investigation would have prevented!

“On 11 March, she and her husband John, both Black and in their late 60s, had been chatting in the dining room, dressed for bed, when a noise interrupted them.”
“officers demanded that John and Nelda put their hands up, then took them outside for questioning.”
“20 or 30 policemen loudly tore through the Prices’ belongings as emergency vehicles swarmed the block. The elderly couple waited outdoors in their pajamas and nightgown”
"No one would answer any of the Prices’ questions about what was happening, even as several officers pointed out red flags that their colleagues had targeted the wrong people. Police refused Nelda’s pleas for John’s medication " - John died soon after this atrocity!

~https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2020/dec/08/fort-worth-texas-police-elderly-black-couple - PLEASE READ!
stormtrooper police goons target another innocent black family! And some think “de-funding” police is a “leftist” attack on their ability to work!? BS!
Black Americans treated like terrorists by cops acting without any common sense or reason, protected by the Blue wall of Silence and complicit unions!

How many of these cops were trained and acted to kill first in foreign wars and brought the same mindset home to America!?

ENOUGH! No Justice, NO Peace!


Excellent points though if the United States was truly honest it would call the Defense Department its original name and that would be the War Department. But wanting someone to be appointed the Secretary of War is not something the U.S. government wants to see happen anytime soon. And if the U.S. should have a War Department then what is even more important is that they should have a Peace Department which can be headed by Medea Benjamin. But preventing lives from needlessly being killed overseas has never been high on America’s list of priorities. Perhaps this is what Obama meant when he once claimed that America is exceptional as the United States kills and maims and cripples more innocent people in foreign countries much more effectively and much more ruthlessly than any other nation on the planet Earth.


I’m shocked, I tell you! Shocked! Who’d a thunk that a life-long corporate tool and war-hawk like Biden would have ever done such a thing? And I thought he was going to build back better. Oh wait, I guess he is. He’s making the oligarchy more “diversified” than it used to be.


Biden has already told a reporter “the progressive wing is well represented in his administration”. I guess you missed it. :)))