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'Bad News for All Species': New Study Shows Nearly 600 Plants Wiped Out Over the Past 250 Years

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/06/11/bad-news-all-species-new-study-shows-nearly-600-plants-wiped-out-over-past-250-years

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“…being protected from livestock…”

And there is the gist of the problem if you ask me.


Brawndo has what plants crave!
Glyphosate, it’s the new Brawndo!

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Even the bbc reported this:


“with potentially devastating implications for the future of civilization.”

What future “civilization” are they talking about?


“Bad News for All Humans’: New Study Shows Nearly 60 million People Wiped Out Over the Next 15 Years. Starvation, lack of fresh Water, Poison Air, increased Fossil Fuel Emissions, Fires and Deforestation, stronger Hurricanes and Cyclones. The Science Community speaks out again that the Extinction Event is happening at a much faster pace than originally thought… There ya go, I fixed the Headline.

The world is changing so quickly. I do not believe that robots will replace workers----we will all probably be forced into hand pollinating the plants and trees , since we seem to be killing off all of the bees. I enjoy reading dystopian novels —but I wouldn’t want to live in a dystopian world.

Bad News again, extensive corruption and organized crime, (corporate), successes in overthrowing national governments world wide, resulting in global wars, catastrophic ecological collapse, species and plant and human extinction, and all without the populations of these countless taking any significant or remotely effective action to reassert themselves as the custodians of their own lands and lives.

Fortunately however, when the cancer called human fealty to corporate greed finally ends the cancerous vermin called humanity permanently, some life may again be able to take hold unimpeded by such incredible stupidity.

I"m not a complete pessimist but,
Before, I was only depressed

Or -----reading dystopian novels makes humans more alert to clues of possibilities like what is happening in America right now!!! . See how well George Orwell did so long ago, and people are still reading 1984----- Fiction gives endless clues of what to watch for.
Remember as awful as the reality of , " Fahrenheit 451," is-----what that author wrote has technologically come to pass in many ways----but with the ending, he gives us a plan for way out, doesn’t he. : )

For those who may not have seen it, I recommend Terra, a documentary I watched via Netflix last evening.

The storyline is summarized as follows:
A visually stunning documentary that reflects human’s relationship to other species on Earth as humanity becomes more and more isolated from Nature.

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Ah, but Orwll write plenty of stories warning of possible futures. Each person which reads him applies his ideas to the dystopian world to their own current reality,
1984 is amazing as it fits McCarthy as well as well as Bush and his WMD, as wells other novels like the Animal Farm, and Hunger Games. A roadmap for all possibles pass and all possible futures. But then , Philip K. Dick was another amazing soothsayer fo the many futures that each nation and people can fall under. : )

I don’t even know how to respond to such drivel . . . except, maybe, this . . . so, we kill virtually everything on the planet, including ourselves, and that, whew, that, saves us from all that nasty natural stuff pre-250 years ago?!

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McCarthy was a horror, and so many lives were ruined by his lies. I mean how stupid were the media and the People. McCarthy announces his big find----to the NY TIMES? Nope, to the Womens Club of Wheeling West Virginia!!! LOL, and sadly McCarthy realized that scaring people was more powerful than inspiring them.
Believe or not---- depending on where a nation is in its existence, a communistic one works well for a certain state of an economy. Then— the oligarchs took over, then socialism’s ideas worked best for the nation with FDR----so 80 years later the with their more feudal ideas, and the oligarchs are now back.
I think socialism works best for the majority of nations and for the environment. Maybe a new idea will emerge------or as the Welsh coal miners used to say, as the road on their way down underground to the coal---- "We will all go to hell in a hand basket!!
Good night OHANCAP—and sweet dreams of a new and improved America —for all the People. : )

Are they talking about new species of Congress people? Always more slimy things to be found under Rocks.

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You got me there phred. I nearly choked on my toast and jam!!! Now we are equal.

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Just saw this (link below), and spent some time easily researching the region, the Deccan Plateau & the Western Ghats etc…

And yet with all this techno-magic - we are powerless in the face of the awesome forces of a warming world which we have unleashed.


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Guess who is winning that battle? First guess doesn’t count. It’s called co-extinction for a reason. Don’t worry, the planet is doing fine and will always win until it becomes a part of the sun.

So…there is a " W old Population Clock"… I have viewed a good bit lately…I even showed the kids in the mifmdlle school that I sub at…it shows a lot … since we add…approximately 83 million people and that is net… between births and deaths. So that is what is left after subtracting the 55 million that die each year…I think that 60 million deaths within 15 hears…is a GROSS underestimate…

Just another reason we need MFA.

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