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Bad News for Biden as New Battleground States Poll Shows Trump Could Lose Popular Vote But Win White House—Again

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/05/14/bad-news-biden-new-battleground-states-poll-shows-trump-could-lose-popular-vote-win

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Roberts [added] that he was “really getting ‘reliving the exact same nightmare all over again’ vibes lately.”

It’s not a nightmare. If either Biden or Trump wins, that will be a nightmare.

The only hope is that Biden loses, and takes the Democratic party with him. Does any party that loses twice to Trump deserve to persist?

With no Democratic party, perhaps there will be room for a real people’s party.

Admittedly, it’s not likely. But right now Biden’s defeat is our only hope. And that’s knowing full well what kind of monster Trump really is.


Do the people who elect trump twice deserve a president? Something in rotten in Denmark (the U.S.), and we had better attend to it quickly.


These anti-lockdown rallies are definitely mini-Trump rallies sans Trump. They ooze fear, fear steers the afraid toward authoritarians. The electoral college is not our friend, but we are stuck with it. Five-and-one-half months is all we have left to motivate people to vote for the lesser evil. Joe will drag more competent people into government at lower levels, at least. I expect to take a barf bag with me to the polls, just like in 2016.


The other right wing party better change horse midstream since sleepy Joe has been a bad choice all along and American voters are too stupid to appreciate real choices like Bernie Sanders. There is still plenty of time until November to get the ducks in order and beat that buffoon, you know who.


Dump Biden. Get serious.


Not to worry, mes amis! Barack and Michelle have it covered. They’ll be voter shaming all those “unenthusiastic” voters into getting in line from now until November. Worked so well last time, let’s do it again! Of course, Nan and Chuck will do their part to prop up and sell the Biden presidential campaign.

Bottom line is that the Obamas and the rest of the Dem corporatists have already won their most important fight. They brought the Sanders train to a screeching halt (with big help from Sanders, himself) and that has been their primary mission. Putting Jill Biden in the White House would be a plus for them but, if that doesn’t happen, they’ll still have achieved their main objective which is to keep their phony baloney jobs running the corrupt Democratic Party further into the ground in the service of big money. It’s all under control. The mistake we make is assuming that they care as much about defeating Trump as we do. They do not.


Not to insult you, but this is a fantasy: the democratic party going away and being replaced with some mythical utopia party. The fact is we are basically a two party country, period, with a few Independents thrown in here and there in congress. The chance of having a third party president here is about 0%, and quite frankly I don’t see this ever changing. I don’t like it any more than you do, but as soon as we accept this and stop voting third party in these kinds of critical elections the better off we’re going to be (and I’m saying this having voted for Jill in the last presidential election). Too many third party votes is going to get us trump again, and guess how much progressive legislation is going to be passed under him (not that much is going to be passed under a democratic administration either)? Trump on the other hand is turning this country into a fascist nation, and sooner or later everyone except the wealthy will be affected by this in a negative way if they haven’t been already.

Older people were dumb not to vote for Bernie in the primaries because he consistently polled higher than trump in the battleground states. Now retirees and the disabled are in serious risk of losing their social security and medicare/medicaid or having it cut drastically. They must not have been paying much attention to the polls before casting their vote. Also, I think this latest poll shows that young people, because of their inexperience in life, don’t appreciate the gravity of another trump presidency. They probably aren’t thinking very far into the future and realizing the damage trump could do to the country that’s going to affect them later on their lives. He’s doing so much damage that it’s going to be hard for any future democratic administration to fix it.


You’re right. It’s the duopoly that’s the pathology, the crazy and thoroughly corrupted Trump Death Cult and the deceitful and thoroughly corrupted Democrat Party. Neither party will recover from that rot you mention, and there’s no way we’ll “attend to it quickly” because both parties are rotten to their very cores. Over time and assuming we ever get smart, we might be able to attend to it via the creation of a third political party that is genuinely intent on representing the working class and the poorest of us. Absent just such a party, the rot will only grow.


Perhaps you’re looking at it wrong. The people didn’t elect Trump, they rejected Democrat BS.

The last two campaigns have been negative, and the previous one, a pure con job. Some people outside Washington and NY do pay attention to facts in opposition to rhetoric, and Democrats aren’t likely to raise support from actually informed voters.

Those who got excited by Barry’s con only to see an entire Republican agenda for 8 years just aren’t going to buy Democrat BS anymore.

There is nothing for ordinary citizens in either corporate party as demonstrated by the 4 corona virus bailouts, and what Nancy is proposing as the fifth. The Democrats have no clothes either.


Please wake me when Groundhog Day 2016 is over…


it’s a hard truth for people to take, but we’re only allowed to have two parties compete, and it’s kinda hard to get any representation when the two are owned by the same paymasters.

one of them has to go, and the Democrats are the better option, since no way we can accommodate the social trogs in the GOP. i’d prefer the corporatists having to go there and deal with the dragging of the knuckles. we really need to kill off one of these parties, and our best bet to open up a more progressive competition in the longer run is to end the Democratic party and replace them. They’re kinda due anyway, given their age.


And the amusing thing is that the longer Democrat governors insist on shutting down their states’ economies, the more people are going to shift toward those promising them freedom. And right now, Trump is the biggest cheerleader for getting people out from under their beds and back to work.


Trump is in the single worst condition of any president since Herbert Hoover. Hoover eventually lost to a man that many called a communist, and he lost by almost 20 points.
Biden is any thing but a communist. He’s a Nixon republican running as a modern democrat. By any reasonable measure any generic democratic candidate should be up in polls by at least 20 to 25 points. Yet, Status quo Joe flounders below 50%, just like Hillary did, as the worst president in American history drives us towards a cliff.
I see a disaster coming.


something professional class Democrats still don’t understand is that workers can’t live if they can’t work, and the irony is richest that the dude and party most responsible for this state of affairs is going to benefit from stoking that resentment. Maybe eventually middle class liberals are going to figure out that hunkering down in the suburban mcmansions aren’t an option for us peasants.

and unless we start getting cash from the government, we’re being forced into working or starving.

I know some Democrats are trying to get cash into our hands, and I’m grateful for the few making the attempt. But it’s still a net hit for Biden in the election.


I honestly see no way out for anyone concerned about human rights or planetary survival. This whole rotten system has to come down, all the way to the constitution and the bill of rights. The democratic party is clearly the most clueless bunch of corrupt bastards, surpassed only by the republicans, who , while clueless, at least think they know that they are doing something, which is of course, looting all the money they can steal, and killing as many people, ( working class preferably) they can get away with, with just a smidgeon of confusion and insanity to keep us all in our seats, mouths agape.
Sanders was our only hope, and now that is quite gone, short of a miracle. bidens elevation is in part with the so called relief packages, which pelosi( capitalization intended) and company refused to take
seriously, one can surmise, kindly, that they didn’t even read the bills, especially the first one. In this latest bill, they put in paycheck protection for corporate lobbyists for chrissake.
Time to start saying goodbye to humanity, planet earth, Amerikkka, everything. Sorry to be such a downer. It sees we humans are not cut out for civilization.


Electoral College calculations confirm Trump can win with 22% of the popular vote, less than half the percentage he received in 2016.

With Biden’s many vulnerabilities, the GOP won’t have a hard time beating him.


Not to insult you, but your comment is total nonsense, something that might be served up by Tom Perez. Establishing a viable third party is quite doable and has been done. Sadly, Sanders had the makings of just such a party in his hands in 2016 and failed to make it happen because he’s a fraud, no more genuinely interested in that political revolution he rattled on about than any other of those so called progressives having created their own little niches comfortably within the Democrat Party. They’re just taking up where Sanders left off, shepherding the herd and keeping folks in the fold on behalf of the Party.

It wasn’t a third party that gave us Trump in 2016, and it won’t be a third party that get’s us Trump in 2020. It was the irreversibly and openly corrupted Democrat Party establishment that made it happen back then, and they’re well on the way to doing it again. They simply don’t care. They’ve already accomplished their main objective by breathing new life into a candidate they’d already written off. There will not be a fight for genuinely progressive agenda coming out of the White House in 2020. They’re gravy train is safe and that’s all they give a damn about, that, the very clear lesson of everything they’ve served up for decades and especially so in their utterly despicable response to this pandemic and economic depression.

Bottom line: It’ll be a third party that saves this country from the corporations and fascism or it will not be saved.


they’re tipping their hands already. tara reade and the general Handsy McMitts vibe completely neutralizes the best attacks against Trump which are those on his character and non-existent leadership ability.

Why the Dems didn’t manipulate another neoliberal with a functioning noggin and less baggage is beyond me. They were so busy going after Sanders, they pretty much punted on the general.


Trump would like to see all Americans go back to work, however that would play out for those that lost their jobs. This is in effect a tax payer boycott, resulting in the government having less to money to piss away.
If the democrat wins the next election they will be saddled with yet another economic failure of the republicans to deal with.
Clinton and Obama had a wrecked economy coming into office as will Biden if elected.