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Bad News for Biden as New Battleground States Poll Shows Trump Could Lose Popular Vote But Win White House—Again

This is incapacity to understand what an exponential is.

Not sure what you mean by that. But I do have multiple engineering degrees and have earned my daily bread for many years developing complex models and simulations. I’ve suspected from the outset that the so-called models being used to over-hype the number of cases and fatalities were wrong. Real world data proves they were wrong, and that this virus is no more (and no less) harmful than the normal flu.

Ya. Except for the organ damage. And the death rate. But I think the discussion would be lost on you.

Oh, and by the way, I think I’ve beat you in the area of academic degrees, but we don’t need to discuss that either.

Given the Democratic Party’s track record, it might not be wise to assume that it’s leadership wants to “win.” It appears that its leadership’s main objective is preserving the GOP-DNC Establishment. If the Establishment will be most effectively preserved by ensuring the reelection of rump, then “losing” to rump will be the Democratic Party leadership’s goal. The demented anti-populist Biden appears to be well-poised to do the job of losing.

good point. It is really dangerous for me and others to think that what seems reasonable to us would be the actual reality in the world of chaos and confusion.

I wasn’t aware it was a competition. I don’t usually go in for the adolescent “mine is bigger than yours” approach.