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'Badass Left-Winger' Rebukes Gossip-Style News Ahead of Campaign Kick-Off


For what it’s worth Senator Sanders was one of only 11 to Vote No on Defense Spending Authorization:


So what’s stopping that from happening now? That sort of discussion has been going on for years …
The “movements” are already there, well formed and on-going - peace, civil rights, environment, labor, healthcare, etc - but they have failed, time and again to endorse prog political parties, like the Greens, on a grand scale - (OWS was another example ,) - eschewing politics - why? Because NGOs are afraid of losing their tax-exempt status? Because they are afraid of openly defying the Dems and losing their “seat at the table”? Because they are too “pure” to engage in politics?

C’mon - the movements don’t have to be built - they are here now, all they have to do is get the cojones to wholeheartedly engage politically outside of the duopoly “safety zone” …


The Greens have been pushing these ideas for years, with much better foreign policy planks than Bernie’s - so what is the difference - Bernie complaining about media? That’s a laugh - he will get much better media than the GP ever got, including on sites such as this …

Make no mistake - the duopoly still calls the shots - Bernie gets media as a Dem - if he ran as an indy, ha!


Oh the left will engage - out side the duopoly …


So vote Green …


And if Bernie doesn’t get the nomination?


“His candidacy certainly is a wrench in the 3rd (4th, 5th 6tgh etc) party movement and he knows that.”

Yup, he does - and perhaps that was the point … He has openly stated he has no wish to be a “spoiler” - i.e. no wish to upset the Dem applecart …


“So, will I criticize Hillary Clinton on her position of TPP, or the lack of position? Will I criticize her on her views of Wall Street? Will I criticize her on foreign policy?”

I dunno, Bernie, will you? You didn’t exactly answer the questions …

And, in the end, if ole’ Hill wins the nomination - you will endorse her, won’t you - and hope to bring all your acolytes with you - keep them in the fold - heaven forbid they should go indy …


Far from acting like a victim I’m quite capable of fighting back according to defending my arguments. Personal attacks are not in keeping with the community standards articulated when signing up for the privilege of using this forum.

I have already had the experience on a few occasions of being attacked with personal insults simply because of articulating principled criticisms of Bernie Sanders.

THAT is what I was responding to as Joe had leveled such an attack against Hegesias.

I respect a differing opinion regarding Bernie Sanders but I’m not going to be cowed into silence by you or anyone else on this forum by name calling.

Call me “playing the victim” or worse. I don’t give a flying cluck. Just know that if you take it to the level of personal insult I will flag every such instance.


I have and I will. Vote Green, no problema. I registered voters for RFK in 1968 and worked for McGovern in 1972. Lots of environmental petitions, protesting, etc, too I had the opportunity to vote for, and did personally know, a Midwestern mayor elected from as far left as you get. She sure caused the Chamber of Commerce to double clutch. Didn’t last, though.


I wish Bernie Sanders would oppose weapons systems like the F35 estimated to cost up to one trillion USD. That is ONE class of aircraft. In enthusiastically endorsing the F35 being home-based in Vermont Bernie Sanders has repeatedly endorsed the F35 as being a necessity for US military might and the ongoing NATO strategic advantage of having this class of aircraft.

Such support of the F35 is completely at odds to adequately funding the social investments that he is rightly for.


In the General, certainly Green, unless Bernie is the nominee. But that is extremely unlikely.


Hello Matt,

Party building is great. Let’s do it.

However, unless we also have a new union movement, uniting both workers and community members, and mutual aid in the neighborhoods, both of which take to the streets on important issues, the parties are not going to get very far, separate or united.

In Spain, the Indignatos and Podemos have organized ongoing, democratic community councils. Without those, and many similar actions, our “3’d” parties will remain small, and unable to compete with the corporate state.

There is one struggle towards a co-operative society, but many fronts, and we have to provide tasks which many different kinds of people will want to participate in. Solidarity on every front. But we have to teach each other about how to do it.


If elected, how will Bernie govern? Congress, the secret state, the MSM, MIC and of course Wall Street (not to mention all those right wing billionaire nut cases) will sabotage everything he does every step of the way. Remember that congressmen and senators are for sale in America, and he needs them on board to govern.


I can appreciate your well-intentioned sentiments even though I can’t endorse the meaningless act it advocates at the end, to wit, the fictional sky master doing something intangible to them. Personally, I’d just as soon have that fictional creation kept indoors on a leash, but not for immoral purposes.


Here is a good article on the subject …


I agree. A Sanders-Grijalva ticket would be as good as it gets from the progressive Dems.


A lot has changed since FDR was in office. The Democratic Party has been taken over by Corporations. And the Military Industrial Complex is out of control. And I don’t hear Bernie talking about these issues. Or the slaughter of people all over the world in places like Gaza, Yemen, and Ukraine. All done by the Axis of Evil, the US, Israel and Saudi Arabia.


Did you vote for Obama last time around?


Best deconstruction of the Sanders “campaign” that I’ve read: