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'Badge to Kill'? Two More Police Shootings in Chicago Raise Public Ire


'Badge to Kill'? Two More Police Shootings in Chicago Raise Public Ire

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Tensions are boiling after police in Chicago shot and killed two more people over Christmas weekend.

Responding to a domestic disturbance at a West Side residence on Saturday, officers fatally shot Quintonio LeGrier, 19, and Bettie Jones, 55, authorities said.


The cop that murdered 12 year old Tamir Rice just got exonerated. When is this cold blooded murder of innocent blacks going to stop! Black lives do not matter to too many rogue cops!


Yes, police have a license to kill! Violence prone, trained to shoot first then lie, and be "exonerated" by a corrupt, complicit "justice" system.

The latest evidence for police impunity is the failure to indict the cops who shot and killed Tamir Rice, a 12 year old child, seconds after drivingright up next to him! Yet another case of killer cops and a "prosecutor", a "cop in a suit", in league with and covering-up for police killings!


The festering sore is becoming gangrenous.Will the excision of Rahm Emanuel help? Perhaps it will make people feel better for a while but what is needed are better schools, jobs and economic parity.


The atrocities will end when we disband police unions in every city with contracts to protect violent extremist police who have "special Immunity" to kill anyone for any reason and receive paid vacations and promotions courtesy of the taxpayers. Taxpayer are paying the salaries and benefits of murderers.


Whatever it takes, these police atrocities must end!