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#BailoutCaucus: These 11 Senate Democrats Are Joining Republicans in Effort to Dismantle Wall Street Regulations

#BailoutCaucus: These 11 Senate Democrats Are Joining Republicans in Effort to Dismantle Wall Street Regulations

Jake Johnson, staff writer

A group of nearly a dozen Senate Democrats is teaming up with President Donald Trump and the GOP in an aggressive push to gut Wall Street regulations, and thanks to a new campaign launched on Friday by the anti-corruption organization Rootstrikers, this group has a name: "The Bailout Caucus."

"This bill increases the risk of another taxpayer bailout, and I will continue to challenge supporters of this bill—from both parties—to explain why they stand on the side of big banks instead of working families."
—Sen. Elizabeth Warren

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Bipartisanship - when the two parties agree on legislation that benefits both of them.


I notice that Hillary’s running mate, Tim Kaine, is among these 11 Dems.


Dodd-Frank was a bandaid on a shotgun blast to the heart of the domestic economy.
Never fully implemented.
And they want to repeal it???

Re-instate Glass-Steagal.


This Crapo Bill, that’ll destroy what little, toothless, regulation we have on Wall Street, is signed on by Tim Kaine.

Tim Kaine. The Democratic nominee for Vice President in 2016. Hillary could have picked Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren or Tulsi Gabbard and probably have won big. She could even have picked someone like Cory Booker or Patty Murray or Antonio Villaraigosa and maybe squeaked out a win.

But she picked Tim Kaine. Tim Kaine.

And the mainstream Democrats who were for Hillary cheered and yelped and whooped it up at the convention when she did this.

These people in the establishment Democratic Party are not part of the solution. They are part of the problem. Don’t be fooled that only 11 establishment Democrats are joining their friends across the aisle. They only needed 9 to join them to insure it gets past closure. They got 11 plus an Indie.

The other mainstream Democrats know that sometime it will be their turn to bite the bullet and vote against the Democrats’ rhetoric in order to accomplish the Democrats’ real goal- whatever the corporations want. But they hope that the times they got to vote in accord with their rhetoric will be enough to convince the base they mean what they say when they don’t.

This has been a practice for quite a while.

So folks? All your thinking that the only hope for us is to replace Republicans in Congress with Democrats in 2018? That’s not true. It depends on the Democrats and the DCCC is doing its best to make sure only corporate ones get past the primaries.

True Resistance starts with the Collaborators.


Both of “my” senators - Kaine and Warner - are on the list.
Warner is no surprise.
But Kaine’s a sellout too.

The military-industrial-surveillance complex encampment in eastern Virginia loves their corporate Dems. Remove the votes of one DC bedroom county (Fairfax) from Virginia and the state went for Trump.


Why do they stand on the side of big banks instead of working families? Working families don’t hire lobbyists to swarm congress with lots of bribe money being offered. I wish there was a viable third party because it seems like Democrats are becoming the Republican Light Party. My choice would be a progressive third party but we would need to develop a strategy to deal directly with the issue of splitting the non Republican votes two or three ways, which would invariably end up with Republicans winning. Would we have enough votes to create a third major party?


The Dem-R’Con good cop-bad cop scam routine has been working against the American 99% for a very long time! The DP establishment is served, and can claim they cannot control the traitors, or they are from “red states” and might lose - who gives a shit, they screw us anyway! R-Cons just don’t care as they openly serve wealth and power! MoFos!

There are always the few DINO’s who join R’Cons to screw the 99% n one issue or another and are NEVER challenged or primaried by true progressives because they get ZERO support or funding from the DINO Dem sellout “leadership”!


We need ranked choice, instant runoff voting. It won’t happen nation-wide. We need to do it state by state like we did with equal marriage rights and legalizing marijuana. I also think it won’t happen from the legislatures; we’ll have to do it with initiatives.

I don’t think so. There never has been a real major third party in the U.S. before now. Maybe with instant runoff voting it can happen, but before that, I don’t think so.

What’s happened twice before is that a new major party arose only after one of the two previous major parties went belly up. The first time was when the Federalists went kaput during the “Era of Good Feelings” under Monroe (1817-1825) as the Jeffersonian Republicans AKA Democrats established a one party system with adopting some Federalist ideas. In the 1824 election all the major candidates were from the same party with the winner, John Quincy Adams, being the son of a Federalist president but clearly a Republican AKA Democrat as he was the Secretary of State of Monroe. After this the party split into the supporters of Adams, the National Republicans, and the supporters of his main challenger, who won in 1828, Andrew Jackson, calling themselves just Democrats. Then the National Republicans adopted the name Whigs during Jackson’s administration.

The other time a new party rose up to become a major party was after the Whigs collapsed over slavery due to their disastrous Compromise of 1850. They lost big in 1852 and by 1854 were gone. It was not coincidence that the first convention of the Republican Party, adopting the original name of the Jeffersonian Democrats, was in the same year. When the Republicans formed there was only one major party left, the Democrats. (Another party formed then too, the American Party AKA the Know Nothings, but they lost out the competition to the Republicans of which would be the new 2nd party.) By 1856 the Republicans were the new 2nd major party and by 1858 they dominated the legislatures and governships of the north and the Congress. Of course by 1860 they won the presidency.

One other time a new party formed and almost became a major party. In the 1890s the Populists were growing like crazy, winning races in the states. But they were cut off at the knees in 1896 when the Democrats adopted a lot of their platform, especially freeing up money by using silver as well as gold, which was the main point in the “Cross of Gold” acceptance speech of their nominee, William Jennings Bryan.

So I see two options. Either the Democrats go kaput leaving space for a new 2nd Party or the Democrats repeat 1896 and adopt a growing new 3rd Party’s platform, preempting their going kaput.

Either way, it seems to me the thing we on the Left need to do to get an alternative to the Fascist Party and the Collaborator Party is to stop supporting the Democrats (unless the specific Democrat is a Leftist.)

I know this sounds like treason to the LOTE folk around here, but the issue is marching towards oblivion with either a bully shouting obnoxious things as she or he leads us there or marching towards oblivion with a liar giving wonkish rhetoric about pragmatism as she or he marches us towards the same place. Until we stop following both, we won’t be able to march away from oblivion.


This has been my point all along. A third party can only be useful as a replacement.

The Ds are moribund. Let’s put them out of our misery.


I signed the petition, for what it’s worth. I hope everyone here does. The real fear is that the stock market has gone sky-high and when it crashes it will be sharp and deep. It isn’t far away either. The market is over-heated and over-valued.


I really do not believe this bunch qualify as Democrats.

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damn dems. this is the true democratic party readers. Clinton was one of them. we need a progressive third party and the end of the amerikan empire. till then, hold onto your hats, gloves, bank accounts. it’s all going down the drain.


This article is an additional confirmation that we don’t have a Trump problem, we don’t have a GOP problem, we DO have a money in politics problem that has accelerated ever since Saint Ron ascended the throne in 1981.


Gee, what a BIG surprise.

O-K, LRX, defend THESE DamnocRats — If you dare . . .

Ah-yup!   Our last reasonably honest president, ‘Ike’ (the last of the real Republicans, BTW), warned us about the military-industrial complex way back in 1960 – well over a half-century ago.  But most of us weren’t paying attention, and now our kids and grand-kids will soon pay the price for our negligence . . .


Yes, Jill Stein – of course.  She took SO many votes away from Hilliary – especially in the upper midwest –
that if she hadn’t have been on the ballot there would have been a DamnocRatic Landslide.  Hilliary’s arro­gance and the DNC’s obvious alliance with Big Pharma, Big Insurance & Wall Street had NOTHING to do
with it.  Right On . . .


Third Party Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson got four times the votes that Stein got, mostly from voters who had historically voted GOP, confirming that Johnson mostly cut into Trump’s tally. Stein’s vote count was so low that it had no bearing on any metric in the 2016 election.

Clinton’s performance proved once again that when Murkin voters have a choice between a real Republican or a Republican wanna be they elect a real Republican.


The final score, the last big grift, is being set up as we speak. The oligarchy and their Wall Street are preparing to fleece the US treasury one last time. It will start with the House and Senate removing any and all regulations remaining on the finance sector. They will then crash the market the same way they did in 2008. The robbers will then collect their bailout, and use it to buy up their stocks at rock bottom prices, causing their value to skyrocket again.
The difference is that this time the big bailout will bankrupt the federal treasury. Most remaining government offices and services will be shut down or sold off to the highest bidder. The USA will be broken up into smaller corporate protectorates. You will all learn to love big brother. And you will all watch Rollerball every Saturday night.


Seeming to becoming Republican Light? This has been the Democratic Party since Clinton and the DLC took over the party. They are the Republican Party as it was from the 40’s thru the 70’s. We have no left of center options as a party anymore…


Comprehensive response. Thank you. May we find a way to free ourselves from the Trumpenstein monster!

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