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Bakery Workers Protest Trump's Immigration Crackdown in #DayWithoutBread


Bakery Workers Protest Trump's Immigration Crackdown in #DayWithoutBread

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Four people were arrested Friday after they chained themselves to a delivery truck in support of immigrant workers at a Queens, New York bakery, who face a mass firing due to President Donald Trump's policies.


Good for them!!


I support the fight for 15 and most other progressive labor struggles, but I cannot get behind this idea that everyone automatically has a right to work here. If you are not a citizen, there are established procedures to gain the right (green card, work visa). You can try to get those rules changed politically (e.g. amnesty, open borders, more seasonal work visas, etc.) but until then I'd prefer my government enforce the labor rules as they are (and do so quite strictly against employers). I don't need to have employees who aren't allowed to work being treated harshly (no jail certainly) and for that matter, I don't even need them kicked out of the country. I can't be the only progressive that feels this way (heck even Sanders said similar things in the past).


Donald Trump: "Let them eat cake!"