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Balancing the Tensions of Afghanistan's Ashraf Ghani


Balancing the Tensions of Afghanistan's Ashraf Ghani

Ralph Nader

Ashraf Ghani, the thoughtful new president of Afghanistan, came to Washington last week and the trip probably met his expectations. He wanted to thank the United States for “defending freedom” in his country and he did this more profusely than any foreign leader in recent history.


Ashraf Ghani wanted to thank the United States for defending freedom in his country.

Translation: Ashraf Ghani, who is surrounded by same drug lords as Karzai, and is just another quisling for the .01% wanted to thank the American oligarchs and their American fawning parasites in Congress for defending the freedom of his egregious, corrupt administration to remain in political power. And he left out: I especially want to thank them for fixing my election to become President.


I agree. I find Mr. Nader's analysis pretty naïve. Any leader of an occupied land that thanks the invader and sees peace AND a strong military presence as related sounds like the same ole' same ole' 3rd world dictator using muscle and lots of promises to keep a status quo in place that promotes profit for a few at grave expense to the many. The lies about women's rights and progress in THAT arena can be compared with the far more honest (on the ground) chronicles of Kathy Kelly. Poor women are mostly eking out a living or picking up the dead.

Note how no mention of the drone war and its 90% civilian casualties' rate was included.

I think after a lifetime of opposing the corporate oligarchs, in many ways, Mr. Nader now seeks to find ways to accommodate to them (as was shown in his book aimed at getting the very rich to save our society through greater acts of philanthropy).


Excellent reply! Thank you.


I am suspecting that Mr Nader might be suffering from dementia so he is now totally deluded when writing this article praising the Afghan President Ghani. Backed by a bunch of corporate morons and their necocon minians the entire Anglo-saxon world bombarded the country and killed thousands of innocent and poor people just to establish a pipeliinestan of their choice. Of course the idiotic Congress gave a standing ovation to this sold-out stooge finding a resemblence like their own. Everywhere innocent common people are the victims.


I kept going back to the top of the article just because I just couldn't believe Ralph Nader would write something like this. I guess he somehow feels various countries should be lining up for the failed state treatment from the empire of chaos. Maybe they're hoping for some slight chance of our world surviving such chaos and therefore might be in line for some compensation from what is left in the rubble of chaos that is the usa! Maybe some old tires, condons or iphones without cell towers or satellites.