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'Bali 9' Face Imminent Execution in Indonesia


'Bali 9' Face Imminent Execution in Indonesia

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

The Indonesian government is on the verge of executing nine death row drug convicts, including eight foreigners, after rejecting their 11th-hour clemency pleas ahead of what is being called the country's largest mass execution in decades.

Friends and relatives of the group convicted of trying to smuggle heroin and cocaine out of Bali in 2005 held farewell meetings with the inmates on Tuesday on the prison island of Nusa Kambangan, situated off the coast of Java.


I feel very sorry for all of them. Generally, I’m against the death penalty. However, having known the penalty for drug trafficking in Indonesia, they’ve gambled, threw the dice and they’ve lost. My heart goes out to the family, but let’s not make saints out of these criminals. Let them be a warning for all the young people who are contemplating any crimes that draw the ultimate penalty.
I feel that every country has a right to determine what crime they should consider as worthy of the death penalty and how to execute the guilty. As I recall many states in the USA have the death penalty and if the leading superpower metes it out, why should we object to it in an other country?