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"Ball Is Now in the Court of Senate Republicans": GOP Urged to Immediately Pass Democrats' $2.2 Trillion Covid Relief Bill

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/09/29/ball-now-court-senate-republicans-gop-urged-immediately-pass-democrats-22-trillion

The details of this package are impressive, although I’d like to have seen the Dems include claw-backs to take billions back from the ripoff corporations and individuals who should never have gotten bailouts in the first round of relief.
This shows that contrary to the constant slagging of Dems by the GOP and its sinister minions, House Dems put forward useful legislation, only to watch it die in the Senate, just like the Merrick Garland nomination died, at the hands of country-killer Moscow Mitch and his band of GOP and blue-dog Dem traitors.


The $2.2 trillion legislation, by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) just weeks ahead of the November election, represents a compromise version of the $3.4 trillion HEROES Act that the Democrat-controlled House approved more than four months ago

So, without a fight, the dems have lopped off $1.2 trillion just because Mitch won’t bring it up for consideration? Unless the $1.2 trillion was pork for corporations, this looks like the dems exercising their weakness at negotiating again. Is there no national crisis that warrants dems standing tough on matters? If dems were serious about the relief package, they should be hammering the GOP every day about not providing relief to US Americans. They should use this to destroy all repubs running for re-election.


IMHO, when negotiating something, you ask for MORE than you want to get – then a compromise will be more in keeping to what you want/expected and the other side thinks they bested you… of course, these are not normal times… I think they loped off too much from the HEROES Act… but of course Trump & his minions don’t care – the more of us who dies (ie non Trumpers) the happier they/he is…


Exactly, Nancy just handed McConnell a huge win, he will continue to balk until the dems reduce their proposal to what he offered a month or so ago, that contains almost nothing for the people.
Nancy Pelosi is the worst dam negotiator for the people, ever.


The Dems original plan was 3.4 trillion. The GOPs was 300 billion.
The Dems, without prodding, dropped their plan to 2.2 trillion. By that standard the GOP will raise theirs to maybe 400 billion.
The worse Trumps candidacy looks, the least likely the GOP will budge on another Covid package. The plan then will be just to crash the economy and hand a bigger fucking mess to the incoming administration. It’s the same thing Ford did to Carter, and Bush did to Obama.


Unfortunately there are an incredible number of ignorant people. A lot of folks think the growing US debt is more important than getting money into the economy and some also think too much of the money will go to folks who don’t deserve it. While most progressives understand the extreme need for spending, a great many folks don’t have a clue.

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I pretty much agree, but not with your last sentence.

Well, you made quite a silly post. McConnell’s huge win and Pelosi finally later agreeing to nothing for the people. It’s all BS.

Hi GPK…Ironically, Trump appears to be killing his own supporters in droves because of his crowded room and mask-less rallies.

Yeah Greg, we know if we’re not 100% behind your corporation (party), we’re all stupid, silly and BS, we get it. Never mind the truth, right? Funny how you and other “blue no matter who” supporters here never acknowledge how the dem leadership has enabled this shit storm for the people, during this pandemic, with their terrible negotiating skills. But then again, you support a corporate political party, so why wouldn’t you support corporations receiving the bulk of bail-out money.
Time for another day of your ranting at every poster who doesn’t agree with you, like your off your meds again?


I couldn’t get past the sub-heading:
“House Democrats have again stepped up.”

The democrats have NEVER stepped up for the people. Don’t expect me to go ecstatic over crumbs used to hide more gifts to the plutes.


Mitch calls the stimulus package a " WISH LIST" TRANSLATION: If we give the unemployed people an extra $600.00 on top of their unemployment it will make them lazy!

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YEp that might as well have added claw backs and Medicare For all among other requirements for survival for that matter, since this thing is just theater and has no chance of passing anyway. As it stands its almost as if they were pragmatically negotiating with themselves - again.

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She’s the worst for us on purpose. But she does quite nicely for her donors.


You are not very clear. I take it that you have a plan that would have been a better negotiating starting point (without the “theater”).

One could easily make the argument that there was only one republican president in modern history left the nation in better shape than he found it, and that was Eisenhower leaving a prosperous nation at peace for JFK. But every other republican that was replaced by a democrat left the nation worse off than when they were inaugurated. Taft for Wilson. Hoover for FDR. Ford for Carter. GHW Bush for Clinton, and W for Obama. In each of these cases, a near or ongoing disaster was left for the incoming democrat (not so bad in Taft’s case, but he had set the stage for US entry into WWI, along with being a corrupt turd)
The tribulation that Trump will leave will be historic, and perhaps cause a permanent quantum shift in the American body politic, for good or il.

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Good post. My quibble is that I do not think Ford or Bush actually wanted to leave their successors with an economic mess.

It’s DOA. Everyone knows that, so it’s theater.

Nancy Pelosi is the worst dam negotiator for the people, ever.

I’d have to give that award to Obama. But she learned at the feet of the master