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Ballots Defeat Bullets: MAS Wins Historic Mandate in Post-Coup Bolivian Election

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/10/24/ballots-defeat-bullets-mas-wins-historic-mandate-post-coup-bolivian-election

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They should keep their guard up, I don’t expect the fascist interests of the US to give up so easily.


It is representative of American ignorance that most Americans aren’t familiar with the left v. right issues in Bolivia.

Before going far, I should note that it may be labeled ‘Movement to Socialism’ (Spanish acronym = ‘MAS’), but one of its leading factions is the organized Coca-Growers movement, i.e. businessmen in the coca growing and selling business. (Nothing wrong about that, but see next.)

I read that Evo Morales got unpopular with the people in the last few years because the coca-growers encroached on indigenous land to grow more coca, and compelled villagers to work those coca fields under exploitative conditions.

Last, I question writer Benjamin Dangl’s claim of “rising fascism in the country,”. There are certainly some ‘fascists’ and ‘right-wingers’ in Bolivia, but where is the evidence that they are ‘rising’? And what persuades Bolivians to participate in that rise, if it is occurring?

Here is hoping they will take a page out of their opponents playbook and brutally put down the traitors of the coup government along with their backers, otherwise America’s proxies will simply keep at it until they succeed.

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All of the resources of OAS member nations along with the EU will collude to make sure Bolivia can not succeed. There will be no doubt people posting how a weak Bolivian economy just proof Socialism does not work. All it will show is how much the Capitalists hate the left and how far they will go to ensure the left does not succeed.

The “ISIS” terrorists are using Venezuela to train meme has run its course. Look for a release of articles from the mainstream media citing links to “inside sources” seeking to make Bolivia the next grave threat to “peace , freedom and liberty”

I wonder what happened to that fraud that showed up here last year shortly after the coup claiming he worked daily with the Countries poor and that the election a fraud as the masses hate the Socialists of Morales.