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Baltimore Cop Found Not Guilty on All Charges in Freddie Gray Case


Baltimore Cop Found Not Guilty on All Charges in Freddie Gray Case

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

A third trial for a Baltimore police officer for their role in the death of Freddie Gray still hasn't returned a conviction, with Officer Caesar Goodson being acquitted of all charges on Thursday.

Prosecutors had charged that Goodson, who drove the van in which Gray suffered his fatal spinal cord injury, purposefully gave Gray a "rough ride," ultimately leading to his death.


Surprise, surprise!
Yet another murder of a black man and the killer(s) walk away. When Freddie Grey was dragged into the van, it was obvious that he had suffered a traumatic serious injury already - screaming in pain and legs not working maybe one broken.

When the so-called “prosecution” chose to ignore the video of him being dragged to the van, and probability he was injured before the van ride, perhaps by having a cops knees jammed onto his neck, I predicted the fix was in and it was a set-up. Only a jack-ass or a corrupt official would claim it was a “rough van-ride” of an otherwise uninjured person that caused such an injury! Freddie grey needed paramedics and an ambulance, NOT a paddy-wagon!

“Gray was loaded into the van on his belly, the medical examiner surmised that he may have gotten to his feet and was thrown into the wall during an abrupt change in direction”
SURMISED he may have gotten to his feet after being “loaded” into the van on his belly??!! WTF is that?! He couldn’t stand at all! Lying MoFo’s!

None of the cops responsible for Freddie’s death/murder will ever be held accountable - the prosecutor so pathetic and incompetent or in collusion with cops they deliberately screwed up the case charging BS that would never bring convictions…the charges were only brought to cool down people incensed at the killing of yet another black man!