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Baltimore Officer Found Not Guilty on All Counts in Freddie Gray Case



"They also argued that Nero followed his training." That's very telling. So he is innocent, let's go after the trainers. Why stop there? Now they've all have an excuse "I was trained to kill". The Police state is alive and well.


And not just any murder. It was a horrendous, torturous, murder for being black by psychopaths with guns and control of everyone. Those cops had lost their humanity. Maybe they are heavy into drugs because heavy drugs rob you of your humanity. Evil in Amerika! I hope karma doubles down on the worthless scum.


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The narrative quickly seemed to devolve into claiming that Freddie Gray died "After his Arrest" and "While in Police Custody"

Early descriptions of the events indicated that he was tackled while riding his bike probably breaking his neck under that circumstance.

Gray's only "crime" was reportedly "making eye contact" with one of the Cops and then deciding to leave.

I believe there is video of him being helped/dragged to the Police Van.


I did not mean to give the impression that I was excusing them if in fact they were into drugs. There are drugs that do cause you to lose your humanity over a period of time, especially when mixed with others. Killers do have to take the blame for their actions and I agree also that people who cover up are just as guilty. I was just throwing some dirt at the killers. All murders are cruel but this one was overwhelmingly cruel the way the police inflected so much pain on this young man for NOTHING. He did no wrong. All he did was run and that for good reason. When cops demonstrate such intense evil, it is difficult for me to remember there are good cops. But I also say as you do, if you cover up for a murderous cop you are just as guilty. That cop may not go around committing murder but covering up allows the dirty cop to continue to inflect pain and murder on innocent citizens. The city officials of Baltimore are declaring themselves to be as wicked as the apartheid of S. A., and worse. All that are elected I hope will be voted out of office. I do not want anyone else to die but it seems a large uprising is called for. What else can you do when you follow the law and allow it to take it's course and there is NO justice. The racist in charge demonstrate that black lives do not matter. They set them up in a city with noting to offer the black community, old broken down building everywhere, no grocery stores, not banks and no jobs and want them to sit at home and not open their mouths. And you do not have to open your mouth, you just have to run when you see the people who murder your people all time looking at you. Baltimore and their police are a disgrace to the country and the world.


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