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Baltimore Police Are Secretly Spying on Residents from the Air: Bloomberg


Baltimore Police Are Secretly Spying on Residents from the Air: Bloomberg

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Since January, the Baltimore Police Department (BPD) has been using small aircrafts to spy on residents for as much as 10 hours a day, without informing the public, in a project financed by a private donor and facilitated by a private company, Bloomberg reported on Tuesday.


Too much to say aboit this one that I dont know where to even start. I'll probably just repond to remarks... One thing thoigh, I noticed how this nut, McNutt has taken full advantage of the situation. Anyone seen the end of Clue, the movie, and the speech given about capitalism? Yea, like that.


So that's why all of those airplanes and helicopters keep flying over my house?


This is not democracy.
Lies and coercion are rampant.
Dismantle it soon.


I do not feel free in the land of the brave. This kind of surveillance makes me uncomfortable.


This sounds like the TV show "Person of Interest". A case of life imitating art imitating life? I wonder who the anonymous "private donor" is?

Also isn'the the FBI conducting similar flights over Baltimore (and all around the country)? Which company/technology are they using?


This is just one tiny instance of the accelerating rush of technology.

For humans who want to retain humanity, the smashing wave of technology is swiftly wrecking any such possibility.

With coalescing and accelerating developments in nanotechnology, cybernetics / artificial intelligence, and genetics, not to mention communication, drones, and satellites, humans are problems to be dealt with, not treasures to be loved.

Anyone who thinks the future of humans will be anything like the past or present is unaware of the real implications and effects of these developments. And i don't mean we will have amazing new powers and experiences. i mean we will be completely subsumed (assuming we don't swiftly die off in the simultaneously accelerating eco-tastrophe).

Just as one aspect, we are reaching the point where "writing code" in genetics is becoming like writing code in computers. For another aspect, implanting a direct connection to your "smart phone" interface will soon be possible (anyone think it won't be marketed or adopted?). Numerous other equally transformative / destructive / "beyond human" technologies are under accelerating development.

If we, as a democratic totality, were able to soberly assess the impacts and implications of each and all of these technological rushes underway, we could consider how to proceed.

Instead, the looting class and the war-mongers drive the system ever-faster to reach their goals of total ownership and total domination. But they are playing sorcerer's apprentice, unleashing technologies that will care nothing for their narrow ego drives.

Very seriously, we need a moratorium on this accelerating rush of technological development. Any takers?


You know, if some brave soul were to lie around nude in her or his backyard getting an even tan, in a few months the police (depending on their gender preference of course) might have all these pictures on file. Inevitably someone would leak word of this stuff to the public, and then the P.D. would be mondo embarrassed and maybe a judge would order the cops to put the drones away.


This example is just one tiny instance of proliferating surveillance. Stopping this will have as much effect on slowing the onrushing implementation of total surveillance, as a grain of sand under the tread will slow a tank.

You can be certain there are vastly more such "pilot" programs underway, than you are aware of, operating in every possible field.

We need a total democratic transformation of power, politics, and the economy. Then we need an entirely transparent and democratic process for determining the direction and pace of technological development. Of course we also really need faeries and unicorns to dance with us under the light of the full moon. But i implore people to think seriously about where "technology" is leading, and think about how to intervene in this development, on behalf of humanity.


If you ever asked the question how could the top 1% always rule over the 99%, this article is a part of the plan to do just that. No surprise the financing comes from hedge fund operators.


Not two weeks after I finally got a privacy fence up around my back yard, I was doing just that, and was a bit angry when a little black drone flew overhead, slowed down, then continued on. I suppose now I have to start saving for some drone signal jamming device if I want privacy.

As far as the company in the article, I think in high crime areas it could be a benefit, but strict guidelines and procedures must be set in place first with severe repercussions for violating them. The technology was useful in Ciudad Juarez for catching drug cartel operatives murdering journalist.

According to a documentary I saw, they don't actually look at anything unless a crime is committed or in progress, and then it is useful to track the get-away vehicle.


A good example of why budgeting and funding of government should be done on a local basis. No local government agency should operate without a fully transparent budget approved by the public and with local funding. Taxation should begin at the local level with local governments the first recipients of income taxes....the local government would file a tax return with the state and the state government would file with the federal government. There would be 50 federal income tax returns filed. This would give local and state governments much more power and control over the federal government.

Also - political contributions should only be allowed from residents of the district for the political race.

From this article and others it appears that our government is being controlled and funded by parties outside of the general public. Control is rapidly being taken away from the citizens. This is total war of sovereignty - whether it be national, local or individual.


"According to a documentary I saw, they don't actually look at anything unless a crime is committed or in progress, and then it is useful to track the get-away vehicle."

If anyone believes that the state, or the corporations, will exercise such restraint in using the total surveillance technologies that already exist and will soon exist... well, there are plenty of hucksters looking for people to buy bridges, or invest in prime waterfront real estate...


A jaundiced eye in the sky


Though lasers are a no-no to aim at aircraft, LED light sources can overpower a digital camera and blind it. Not sure what type of system you could design or use to protect you from aircraft spies over your home or car, but it should be effective against this sort of tyranny.