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Baltimore’s Disgrace Is Is History of Police Violence


Baltimore’s Disgrace Is Is History of Police Violence

Belén Fernández

After Saturday’s full day of peaceful protests in Baltimore calling for justice for Freddie Gray — the 25-year-old who recently died of a spinal injury suffered while in police custody — some protesters opted Saturday evening and Sunday to pursue more hands-on expressions of frustration. On Monday, the day of Gray’s memorial service, public tensions led to rioting in West Baltimore that continued into the evening.


This article is another example of how desperate my fellow liberals are to deny reality when the reality is quite clear for all the world to see. She criticizes the media for saying the protests had “turned violent” when ample proof of that could be obtained by merely switching on any TV set. We liberals just manage to look silly when we resort to such dogmatic positions. And let’s not be naïve. Most of the rioting Monday night had nothing to do with social or economic frustration and everything to do with removing millions of dollars of merchandise from store shelves. The big gangs involved in such activities function like big corporations and their planning reportedly is quite impressive. Serious civil rights disputes provide the scenarios those gangs need to transform “peaceful protests” into systematic larceny. That doesn’t lessen the legitimacy of the civil rights complaints, but it does complicate those situations.


If the gangs function like corporations, then the corporations function like gangs. Besides, there is not much difference any more between police gangs and “gang gangs”.


"We liberals…? I hardly think so. Truth is not subversive, but bigotry is.


“We liberals”… sure.

And what an inane attempt at blaming Blacks for a bit of robbery in order to cover the MASSIVE crimes of today’s police forces.

You know about as much about Truth as the corporate media, shill!


You are both obfuscating the issue of glaring racism in attempts at creating an equivalence between a show of possible gang-blowback and the muscle of state bearing down upon the Black Community.


Given the history of infiltration into peace movements, whenever I hear about looters and rioters at a protest, I always wonder how many of them are genuinely random opportunists and how many are tools of an opportunistic government. I can well believe that looters would be planted to discredit a movement.


► So raise the minimum wage, provide universal health care, and provide free college systems

And bring this cowardly president out of retirement


Holy Shit the police have been trained by Israelis? OMG!


We are all Palestinians. The police go to Israel for their training?? No wonder the system is broken, Gawd it’s dysfunctional, fascist. How unreal. For the first time I can see why. Shit just doesn’t happen. I can’t believe the police are trained by Israelis. Unbelievable!


Yes. Baltimore’s disgrace is real and one city’s expression of US disgrace world-wide.

Rage overwhelms reason when the steady application of US police violence crosses the line and is accurately perceived by the people as organized state terrorism supporting totalitarian corporatism.

Then talking heads employed by corporate propaganda outlets cluck like caring chickens and scold the enraged ones for being unreasonable after sinking into rage.


Write on, Chester; Your program is easily paid for by ending US terrorism via endless war and modernization of nuclear weapons of mass destruction.


Right, the “rioting” was just about impecunious consumers working out their frustrations, and had nothing to do with the conditions of everyday life in west Baltimore, and the depredations of homicidal cops. Thanks for clearing that up.


Racism is built into white America’s DNA. It’s a shape-shifter, and keeps turning up generation after generation in ingenious new mutations. It wouldn’t remove the stain of racism, but holding cops accountable for murdering people would be a huge improvement. Booker T Washington said a hundred years ago “We don’t want white people to love us. We want them to stop lynching us.” Haven’t made much progress, have we?