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Ban on Follow-Up Questions Among Trump's New 'Dictatorial' Rules for White House Reporters

Ban on Follow-Up Questions Among Trump's New 'Dictatorial' Rules for White House Reporters

Jake Johnson, staff writer

The Trump White House conceded defeat in its authoritarian effort to revoke CNN reporter Jim Acosta's press credentials on Monday, but with that concession came yet another attack on the media's ability to simply do its job—this time in the form of press "decorum" rules that one commentator denounced as "

Look at the picture. This is who they are pitching as the face of White Nationalism. OOPS!

I seem to remember a comment about “the content of one’s character”.


Why do reporters even bother with the WH Briefing? It is nothing but a fake news tabloid show. Oh, guess that the reason - for the corporate ratings.


Why is the press still giving a platform to this maniac?


This attempted silencing of the press - journalists - must not be allowed to stand! Suppression the “truth” or at least journalists gaining evidence of the astonishing pattern of pathological lies and distortion of truth by this odious regime must not be tolerated! These “rules” by the criminal trump regime is a tool that will be used to censor and silence even what’s left of an independent Fourth Estate. Journalists and news organizations and the public must rise-up to destroy this bald-faced repression!

This is part of the pattern to demonize the media/press, as the “enemy of the people” and instigate the killings of journalists around the world by the treasonous trump regime and its crony war-criminal, “religious” extremist dictator friends everywhere!

Goebbels would be proud of der trumpenfuhrer and his feckless mouthpiece, frau sanders - zeig heil!


My prediction is that these rules won’t survive the first question and the inevitable followup.


One example of many by this evil regime of scum, destroying or covering-up for others murdering journalists, is the premeditated assassination of Jamal Khasoggi being covered-up by the trumpenfuhrer who calls the murderer a “spectacular ally”! - “spectacular”?? really, you fuckin idiot?? it would be a miracle if the astonishing ignorance and stupidity of this cretin could put words together in a way beyond the vocabulary and understanding of a moron…

spec·tac·u·lar -

adjective - beautiful in a dramatic and eye-catching way - “spectacular mountain scenery”

synonyms: striking, picturesque, eye-catching, breathtaking, arresting, glorious;

informal out of this world - “a spectacular view”

noun - an event such as a pageant or musical, produced on a large scale and with striking effects.


Zer will be no additional questions for ze leader - unt!


I kinda wish that trump would stick to interviews with FoxNews.

He seems to say even dumber things when asked friendly softball questions.

  1. Reporter asks question.
  2. Trump responds, “That’s a stupid question. Next.”
  3. Next reporter asks a question.
  4. Trump responds, “I’ve already said enough on that topic. Next.”
  5. Next reporter asks question.
  6. Trump responds with eye-roll and penguin walk around, “Next!”

ad nauseum


This clearly violates the first amendment and I cannot imagine it standing. If it does, we just accelerated our drain swirling by 1000 mph.


Any follow ups must be the catching of the lie and asking why the lie instead of the truth!


Still hard to believe this authoritarian stuff is occurring in the US. It always seems to be in some other country. The White House’s new rules go along with claims that criticism of Trump in the newspaper is fake news and people protesting against Trump are being paid to protest. Basically all criticism of Trump is delegitimized. Meanwhile the results of the recent election show the US population is moving left. The Democrats actually won every congressional seat in Orange County California, long a Republican stronghold. Manhattan no longer has any Republican congressional representatives.Various graphs showed the shift to blue pretty much throughout the US. In the overall vote for the Senate and House the Democrats won by many millions of votes. The only way the Republicans didn’t get completely blown out was because there are so many smaller mostly rural states represented in the Senate and the gerrymandering of so many congressional districts in the House.


In a way the media is the enemy of the people. They never talk about climate change or all the underlying causes or just a brief mention, they never talk about the wars, they don’t hardly talk about policies put forth by other lawmakers, they don’t talk about anything that isn’t going to produce a larger bottom line for them. Do they ever talk about farming movements around the world, that our soils are depleted of living organisms and can no longer absorb carbon like it did in yester years. They don’t analyze only he says, she says and leaves it us to figure out what is a lie and what is fact even though they have information at their finger tips to do so.

We need more education these days to figure out what is going on not less education. But then a educated public might demand that we the people take back our public airwaves.


All the reporters (except for Fox News) can band together for WH briefings, and when a first reporter is not allowed to ask a follow-up, the second reporter can ask it. Spread the love around. And sue the president again. More than one way to skin a cat. And I agree with those who wonder why the press even attends the briefings, except that we are kept informed of Big Old Orange Butt’s idiocies.


Referring to the picture: Sarah needs to practice the ‘Hitlergruss’ a bit more. The right arm is supposed to be in an almost 45 degree angle. She’ll get there with a little more practice…


I was just going to say, “If you want to find out where this is going, just read your German history of the 1930’s and early 40’s.” Herr twitler is using Hitler’s playbook. If We the People don’t turn this around soon, then read the rest of the book, probably by “megatons” of “light.”


The Whore House lecturing us on decorum?
Cannot stop laughing.


“Underwear will be changed 5 times each day. Underwear will now be worn on the outside, so we can check.”

From “Bananas”


Then he should stop giving lies for answers.