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'Bananas' DOJ Press Release on Discarded Ballots Viewed as Effort to Fuel Trump's Lies About Mail-In Fraud

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/09/25/bananas-doj-press-release-discarded-ballots-viewed-effort-fuel-trumps-lies-about

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So, at the top, this is still The Gang That Couldn’t Shoot Straight, but the underlings are the real threat. This one is just a test run to judge its efficacy for November.


Fake discarded ballots is visual art for morons.


This is nothing less than an attempted takeover of our governance by a would be despotic , semiliterate, incredibly ignorant egomaniacal Trump and his conscienceless and fascist leaning henchmen, Barr especially.


“Bananas” much in the theme of Woody Allen - but gob smack strong arm coup. And no one should EVER forget that banana republics generate sifter effect on behalf of neo-feudal ‘interests’ to which their official puppets are contracted, in the mafia sense as well as verbal interchanges with “donors”.

Excuse me. Would you prefer that with a D or an R? Former is relatively long duration, the latter, perpetually promised for short term.

The planet is well into the initial stages of exponential feedback loops. You can take that to the bank - might as well because that institution also needs to wrested from privateers - much in the sense of Captain Kidd - who was NOT a pirate, but a privateer (mercenary merchanteer) on behalf of the crown. It was that crown which threw him under the proverbial bus during transition of high seas treaty with Spain. Different century, same knuckle dragging methodologies, otherwise known as the propaganda jaw dropping claim “the ONLY WAY”. TOW instead of MAGA. What a difference a day makes…


Just remember that the psych profile is precisely why the maggots gather and feed with such voracity.
The Drumph laser -focus could be melting entire seas of plastics. Instead it hangs like a symbolic tarred cock from the forehead of this troglodite in cheap, I mean chief.

'It can’t happen here
it can’t happen here.
I’m telling you my dear
that it can’t


Well … they’re not quite finished with the DOD, the Justice Department, the CIA and the FBI, etc … oh, and don’t forget the rest of the administrative infrastructure… but they’re filling swimming pools with the cash - all around. And dang nab it if they don’t have one heck of a washing machine.


There are a staggering number of questions that must be answered, among them:

  1. If PA ballot counting cannot begin until the polls closed why were these ballots even opened?

  2. If these were electronically transmitted ballots, then there is NO secrecy envelope, so there are instructions given as to how to return the ballot, were these instructions followed? If not, is that why they were discarded.

  3. If they were improperly prepared ballots, were they opened to enable the voters to re-submit a valid ballot? Kind of makes sense here given that the claim is that there were 2 ballots re-sealed in their envelopes; were these votes for Biden, which of course a Republican would then definitely not inform the senders to re-submit.

I’d really like to see some digging into this by an impartial panel.


It’s obvious to everyone except the Trump trolls that Trump is the most dangerous, corrupt, sickening, sick president ever, and that his level of criminality is far beyond anything we’ve seen.
A diverse array of people from across the political spectrum recognize this. From extreme leftists to the most conservative Republicans, people are pointing out the massive violations of the constitution, and the attempt to imitate Putin and other dictators, shown by Trump and his gang of thugs.
Anyone who comes here to defend Trump by slagging Biden and otherwise deflecting from Trump’s blatant criminality is complicit in Trump’s attempt to sabotage our election.


Trump is all about te money and power but possesses no agenda or true loyalty to anyone. Except perhaps Ivanka, his BFF and sex fantasy. Barr on the other hand is a religious zealot with a very real agenda who has no real loyalty to Trump will use this idiot to achieve what he desires. Barr is a monster as bad, if not worse, than Trump as he knows exactly what he is doing. Pompeo is no better and that includes all their enablers determined to destroy the US and all global connections. The adage that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely applies to the entire Trump Administration.


You’re correct that Barr, Pompeo and the other Trump swamp creatures are dangerous traitors.
And that Trump is a daughter-humper. Photos of Ivanka playing the role of Lolita at age 15, wearing the shortest hot pants possible, sitting directly on her daddy’s lap with her arms around his neck looking at him the way a stripper looks at a customer, along with Trump’s many comments about his daughter’s hot body (especially on the Howard Stern show), and his body language and touching of Ivanka…all show us that she is his real love.
He is a perverse, demented, sociopathic monster.


Wow, Your response came so fast I almost missed it. Agree, and thanks. Be safe out there.

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The trump regime and all its accessory creatures from barr to pompeo and all their mouthpiece republicons are a clear and present danger to our republic, people and planet - a cabal of the lowest examples of malignant liars, openly greed-driven, ordinary thieves, extremist politicians, and faux 'religious" nutters.
The supporters of such people are nearly as much of a threat covering for their depraved indifference, environmental destruction, and treasonous actions and trying to influence people to not vote trump out, giving his mental illness and treason 4 more years. The BS narrative is the false equivalence between trump & his handlers and the corrupt biden, DNC/DP and idiot voters who foisted that pathetic nominee upon our nation. The best America and the D’s can do? What a crock of rot!
The closet supporters of trump & co try to peddle the story that only a biden/DP loss can usher-in a new world of political wonder and whatever trump an his nut-squad do is inconsequential. A dangerous fantasy by republican/trump trolls or the easily manipulated; a threat to secure 4 more years of treason, fascist repression and cementing exactly the kind of mental aberrations and political corruption this barr - trump romance and conspiracy or "discarded ballots shows more than clearly - designed to influence the uninformed, weak-minded and right-wing idiots - very similar to the mouthpieces we too-often read here.

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If even the fuckwits at the Cato Institute are getting overpowering whiffs of eau de rat, I’d guess the stink must be pretty foul.

Voter fraud in this country is exceedingly rare (who wants to go to jail for five years for adding one or two measly votes to the total?), but election fraud is as common as corn cobs in Iowa, because no one wants to admit that our elections aren’t super-duper-democratic and perfect.

Any bets that the press–in no time at all–will be calling this “Ballotgate?”


Those who vote decide nothing. Those that count the votes decide everything.


Ironic, isn’t it, that quoting Stalin is viewed as sagacious?

There’s a reason why we don’t allow international election observers into the country.

Exit polls demonstrate US elections have been rigged for some time. We would call other countries with similar results corrupt. Counting votes is not a difficult IT challenge, so when those who count votes electronically wont release their code.it can only be to hide something.


How long does it take for some of us to see thru trump’s game and demeanor?
He just enjoyed the stage time during the republican debates in 2016.
Never thought he would come out on top, and I don’t believe he wanted a JOB.
Like I said, what does it take to see thru trump?

Interesting “I’m calling you out!” challenge to the slag-heap.

From where I sit, I can’t tell if it’s Biden, or how he’s treated in the media – Yesterday, asked for his response to Orangeman’s announced intention of ignoring the vote, what I heard from Biden was almost astonishingly weak. My heart sinks, because I keep watching them (the Dims) throw sand in their own gears. This is happening before my eyes, so I have a right to comment on it, even though you could rename a lamppost to “Biden” and I’d vote for it, if that’s the way to oppose dictatorship at this moment.

Some nuance, perhaps. At this point the old Tara stuff is extremely suspect, in my eyes – that would be an example of trolling for Orangeman, imho. But we remain human beings rooting for Biden, perhaps, but some of us distressed daily by the usual DP electoral incompetence.


We should at least have a robust national vote count team beyond what the states offer. Tax payer funded so all get the same treatment.