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Bankers "Confirm Warren's Whole Worldview" by Saying They'll Donate to Trump to Defeat Anti-Wall Street Senator in 2020

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/09/27/bankers-confirm-warrens-whole-worldview-saying-theyll-donate-trump-defeat-anti-wall

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But ,but ,but, she was counting on that money, for General ,after the DNC steals the primary for her.
“Help me Hillary”


This is another Brer Rabbit endorsement of Warren. Wall Street obviously prefers Warren over Bernie.



Let’s identify which banks are holding this position, and inform the public so they can cease to use those bank’s services.


“You’re in a box because you’re a Democrat and you’re thinking, ‘I want to help the party, but she’s going to hurt me, so I’m going to help President Trump,’” the executive said.

Ayn Rand would be so proud. Selfishness at its height. Self above country. Why do these people even describe themselves as Democrats?


I don’t know what they are bitching about, she is devout capitalist. Gotta Love Bernie!!!


Why are they anonymous? Is it because they can turn around and contribute money to her campaign after the primary w/o raising eyebrows? The anonymous aspect is really fishy…


That was a trick question, right?


Funny, how even under the spell of this double secret reverse psychology, I can smell a Trojan horse with a proud capitalist hiding inside. Warren is Obama 2.0, which means Trump 2.0.

As for bankers being scared, a Sanders administration gives them nightmares.


Funny how giving money to borrowers whose mortgages were underwater would have created the “moral hazard” of “socialism,” but giving money to the perps supposedly didn’t—the end result would still have been the same, with lenders getting their money back eventually, but without all the attendant bankruptcies, foreclosures, broken neighborhoods and suicides.


The banker assholes are over-reacting because Tin Lizzie will flip-flop either in the general campaign (WHEN SHE TAKES CORPORATE MONEY!!!) or after elected.


It’s why I call them DAMNOCRATS! Of course REPUBLICRATS would also be valid. Without Bernie and his changes to the politics and POLICIES of the country, saddle up for more of the same ad nauseum…

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Not all false flags involve gassing Syrians. Wall Street: We’re supporting Liz, then we will support Trump. Win, Win, Win … Liz for Bernie … Trump for Liz. The dots were easy to connect.

I don’t know if you follow the bankster bullshit but Wall Street on parade is excellent. Please check it out. I digress the bankster overnight lending referred to as the repo market has lacked liquidity making it necessary for the corrupt FED to pump in 70 to 100 billion a day over the last week or so. Hey can you pump in 100 billion for healthcare , housing, student debt, infrastructure , Climate change. It’s all such a fucking fraud.


Those banks have a monopoly on the market.

This is incredible ------all this money being pumped into the system—and we are told NO BIG DEAL-----just look away---------they can’t raise interest rates the whole system will go down-------soon they will be stuck at zero.

And this is why I at this moment support Warren for President. What will Wall Street do if Bernie became president? And CNBC commentators every day say how bad a Warren Presidency would be.--------and Bernie just came out with a wealth tax??? You could tell UTUBE commentators were upset with Bernie in the last debate-----And Biden----Biden can’t even defend his son-----how can this guy take on Trump.


I’ve seen this story posted elsewhere and you sure are having fun posting comments, so how is the a bullshit story? That comment reflects poorly on Commondreams and is unwarranted. You can of course write an opinion piece and submit it for publication to the right side of the front page.

These corporate figureheads are anonymous because they Support Warren, and they think people are stupid enough to believe that if they make such statements about her people might believe she’s something other than a captured corporatist.

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All of this pro Warren stuff is so transparent. The more they push her the more we give to Bernie!!! He is the only one they fear!!!