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'Bankrolling Extinction': Report Shows Big Banks Lent Over $2.6 Trillion to Fund Global Biodiversity Destruction in 2019

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/10/28/bankrolling-extinction-report-shows-big-banks-lent-over-26-trillion-fund-global

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Destruction of land, air, and water is an essential element in the Global Ruling Class’s long-term plan of permanent monopoly of economic and political power… permanent fascism. If Earth’s generative capacities are destroyed, humankind will never again be able to rise up against the monopolists. The monopolists will own patents on every bite of food, every sip of water, every breath of air. They will charge tolls on every step taken by every human on the planet.


The entire human project beginning 70,000 years ago has been to fuel human population growth by killing the biosphere and innocent animals, and mining minerals, fossil fuels, and metals.
The big banks fund it, but so do we all.
Every single one of us is a consumer and polluter, complicit in the ecocidal technoindustrial grid that is supported by plundering this planet to create anthropogenic mass extinction.
Hate the banks, fossil fuel companies and other earth destroying corporations, of course, but look at your lifestyle, machines, toys, choices, and you will see that you too are an earth destroyer, especially if you made children.


capitalism–the system that will exploit any and all resources-regardless of the consequences of that exploitation–as long as they can make money–it is a disease–one that is killing us and all life on this planet for their profits–aided and abetted by our overly consumptive lifestyles–our desire for things that far exceed our needs-as if wealth accumulation was something other than a symptom-a condition-a hallmark- of the disease of capitalism

To be perfectly honest, I no longer think that Banks CAN operate rationally – or carefully, if that word is applied to the environment rather than financially. This perception is at the root of my opposition to the Church of Capitalism (it’s that “Church” part that informs my opposition; their undying allegiance to the vapid sermons of the “Free” Market).

IF it turned out that the Big Boys COULD take a timely lesson and kick their abuses out of our collective window, why I’d turn around and welcome them as our saviors (but no, that tolerance WOULD NOT mean leaving Citizens United in place).