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Banks, Comic Books and Franklin Graham


Banks, Comic Books and Franklin Graham

Christopher Brauchli

Deliver me from your cold phlegmatic preachers. . . .
—Abigail Adams, Letter to John Adams (1776)

At first one might conclude that he’s an evangelist who, seeing himself as a representative of the Lord, tries to find good in the unlikeliest of people. That would explain why in 2014 he showed that he could find good in someone like Vladimir Putin. His other actions, however, suggest he is bigotry’s, rather than the Lord’s, representative.


At the risk of being labeled, I am going to step up for Putin a bit here. His nation is under staggering negative demographic pressures that he is desperately trying to control. While he may seem a bogeyman to the LGBTQ cause, he has what are in his mind bigger fish to fry. Omission of this reality from the dialogue is either naive or duplicitous at best.


I was thinking much the same thing. Being objective or (God forbid) fair to Putin is bound to get you flagged as a Putin apologist or a Commie sympathizer.


All you Putin Lovers should be ashamed of yourselves. Putin was an Ex-KGB fink, who has phucked his people nine ways to Sunday. There’s no way Putin would still be in office unless the CIA wanted him to still be in there.

Putin was a good friend of GWB. They are both goose-stepping Nazis who want to starve to death anyone who doesn’t live like they do. They are nasty One Percenters, virtual Dictators who imprison people for criticizing them.

A lot of the GITMO prisoners criticized the Oil Mafia, but had nothing to do with terrorism. Now I find out, via comments about the missing 28 pages of the 911 Commission Report, that Saudi Arabia likely committed 911, just as we suspected all along. And who, pray tell, supported Saudi Arabia and OPEC just to jack up Texas Oil Prices?

GWB. Oh Yes. The house of Saud is just a puppet of the Oil Mob. They don’t even have their own airplanes for christsakes! The MICC supplies them with planes, pilots and training, since they don’t trust the kingdom with these things on their own.

That’s what I think anyway, from the scant circumstantial evidence I’ve examined. The house of Bush caused 911 deliberately.

Tell everybody!


I wonder how much money the Jesus Christ Foundation had on it’s books while Jesus and his disciples traveled all over the middle-east in their Gulfstream G650 or their Cadillac Denali’s. They wore their Ermenegildo Zegna $22,000 suits impeccably!
Actually, I always thought that these morons wanted us to believe that Jesus rode into town on a fully loaded Mercedes-Benz jackass!


A typical article by Christopher Brauchli. Satire, amusement, irony, and highlighting of stupidity all in a conversational/informative tone.