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Banned From Newspapers for Criticizing... Newspapers! iJim Hightower Up Against the Corporate Wall


Banned From Newspapers for Criticizing... Newspapers! iJim Hightower Up Against the Corporate Wall

Russell Mokhiber

For ten years, Jim Hightower’s weekly column – Little Puffs of Populism – has been distributed week in and week out by Creators’ Syndicate to newspapers around the country.

Not one problem.

Until this week’s column titled Free The Free Press from Wall Street Plunderers.

“While Creators’ reluctance to anger these powerful interests is somewhat understandable, the implications are frightening. It’s one more example of this dangerous time for America’s decreasingly-free press that, ironically, Jim lays out in this very column.”


Let us know Russell where the column is published on the net so we can write letters to inform the newspaper readers of its location


Big Money = Big Brother


Just more evidence that fake news has been the rule, not the exception, for far too long.

Too bad Trump was the first to shine the light on fake news, despite Trump, the GOP and their faux noise station originateing more fake news than all other sources combined.


My local daily paper, which under family ownership had been publishing continuously since 1889, was bought out some years back by the Gannett chain. Change wasn’t long in coming—cuts to newsroom staff, no more stringers sent to cover town council meetings, bureaus at the statehouse and county seat closed, fewer pages, more ads and escalating newsstand prices—with the sad but entirely predictable result that circulation is cratering.

The good news (!) is that some of the slack has been picked up by small-circulation weeklies, which are like what newspapers used to be: independent, opinionated and (mostly) fearless. But with the combined effects of the internet and vulture capitalism, the days of Walter Burns/Hildy Johnson-style hard-boiled newshounds trying to scoop each other are over.



Right On Jim Hightower, Write On!


Yup, the good voices are silenced and the wicked are heard loud and clear.
That’s the sound of money talking and money is power and power hates the truth.
America kills Kennedy and worships Tramp.


The article closes:

“To these absentee owners and operators, our newspapers are just mines, entitling them to extract enormous financial wealth and social well-being from our communities.”

That is the model for the entire profiteering economy, the function of the colonizing corporation, the operating basis for the “limited-liability, investor-owned corporation”: Colonize, “own,” extract, externalize costs, and loot the commons.

We need to end the model. We need to change the operating system.


The cause of the problem is social media. People are not buying subscriptions to printed newspapers the way they used to which has drained revenue for newspapers making them rely almost entirely on advertising revenue and that has also shrunk because internet advertising, which almost completely controlled by Facebook and Google, is relatively cheap and can be target to specific individuals. The news itself has been compromised because journalists are focused on getting views on the internet and the winners are articles that are emotionally charged, pieces that based more on deep thought and analysis have no chance on going viral. The problem cannot be solved by attacking Wall Street. The source of the problem is the business model of social media companies, particularly Facebook.

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They all have marketing departments whether sports TV, cable news, newspapers, or magazines.They don’t mind losing a few people like me that refuse to put up with the barrage of intensified advertising going on. We shouldn’t have to watch half of our radio and TV programs in advertisement mode to pay crazy salaries to these hosts and players. My newspaper doubled and after 35 years I quit them and now I don’t know when my high school friends are in the obituary.


What a complete crock. “The cause of the problem” is “the business model” of the investor-owned, limited-liability corporation. The cause of the problem is profiteering, looting, colonization, corporate rule, the role of capital in capitalism. All of which existed long before “social media” emerged, and all of which were distorting news and concentrating power long before “social media” emerged.

Social media is just another field of operation for the colonizing looters, who quite naturally designed “social media” as an extractive operation that “mines” our social relations to extract profit by manipulating our desires. That is not inherent in the technology, that is due to the operating system of the economy and the looting class that runs it: Colonizing corporate capitalism.


I don’t think they care much about profits from newspapers as much as destroying them as a source of integrity and investigative journalism. They want to be corporate sponsored puff pieces that don’t disturb anyone or rock the boat. Let’s trash that article on the nuclear power plant meltdown and instead run a big section on the super bowl and super bowl parties. Let’s not show the caskets of soldiers killed but show pictures of Trump on the gold course. It’s pathetic. Has no integrity - like most of the US institutions.


It’s like the democratic party. It has always been a complex party not always so liberal. It had FDR but it also had Strom Thurmond and George Wallace. It had Mayor Daley but it also had George McGovern. I suppose the news media is the same - good and bad apples in the same barrel.


Can you and Jim tell us what to do to help?

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You’re reminding me, too, of I.F. Stone’s writing which I devoured!


HI WiseOwl----it would be nice to add after–" Big Brother" -----and very little brotherhood. : )

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Look up Hightower’s Lowdown and contribute while getting a good newsletter of different aspects that are affecting our country at the behest of the 1%.


As Dylan said, long ago, “Money doesn’t talk - it swears.”


No, the 'news media, is bought and completely bent towards making a profit or, as with the hedge-funds, with an eye to bankrupting them after paying huge bonuses and salaries before dumping them. You remark is remarkable out of touch with the modern reality of who (and very few) owns the media.