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Bannon Down, Pentagon Up, Neocons In?


Bannon Down, Pentagon Up, Neocons In?

Jim Lobe

The apparent and surprisingly abrupt demise in Steve Bannon’s influence offers a major potential opening for neoconservatives, many of whom opposed Trump’s election precisely because of his association with Bannon and the “America Firsters,” to return to power after so many years of being relegated to the si


The PNAC seems to be a little behind on its timeline, but otherwise things are pretty much on schedule.


I'll add Brzezinski's (1997) The Grand Chessboard to the mix. In plain view, at that. It has been like watching a murder "mystery" where the opening scene depicted the chalk outlines of where the bodies were to fall.


FCNL has a letter writing campaign on budget priorities for anyone interested in writing their reps.

"For every dollar we pay today, 23 cents goes to pay directly for the military — and that’s not including the cost of past wars that we’re still paying for. Meanwhile, only 1 cent of every dollar pays for the diplomacy, development, and international cooperation efforts that we know build peace. Programs that help people in our communities meet their basic needs for food and shelter likewise receive only pennies on the dollar.

Those are the wrong priorities for our country. And when Congress gets back to work, they could make this imbalance even worse by adding even more money to the Pentagon. "