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#BanTrump: On Both Sides of Pacific, Protests Over Trump's Visit to Philippines


#BanTrump: On Both Sides of Pacific, Protests Over Trump's Visit to Philippines

Julia Conley, staff writer

Demonstrators slam Trump's imperialist agenda in Asia and his warmongering rhetoric regarding North Korea


The new “Axis of Evil” is the US Fourth Reich, Saudi Arabia and Israel. All three are happy to see smaller, weaker, nations suffering and dying from their efforts, as long as the Axis can show a profit.
*Hopefully, the world is finally awakening to its peril. It took a long time for the world to finally awaken to the last Axis, but finally it was, we thought, extinguished.
*Unfortunately, “Operation Paperclip” brought Nazi know-how to the, then, United States of America, where its poison was allowed to seep in and eventually allow fascism and Nazism to regrow here.
*It is going to take the united action of the World to curb this disease. With a great deal of care and dedication, such parasites as those listed above can be eliminated, this time, hopefully, permanently.
*Then let us take on the challenge of rebuilding the world, using Brotherly Love, Empathy, Compassion and Care for All. We must demonstrate that the time for greed, cruelty and domination of the weak by the strong is ended. We must learn, again, to work together for the common good, and live in PEACE!


Good parallel reading is the October Atlantic article by Ta-Nehisi Coates

The First White President

There IS SO MUCH NOT SAID - which, I would submit, is the underlying (emphasis on ‘lying’) strategy of Trump et al. The scoundrels code of devious diversion, so well honed by Clinton(s) and their cabal, on both sides of the aisle, all married under the banner of financialization, privatization and military permeation of anything policy.

Its amazing how life-like certain phases of death wishes can appear. I think the only George Carlin wisdom absorbed was from the 70s. Screw with all metrics involving TIME. After all… lets not forget that the human invention of time never has the cynical admonition ‘time is money’ been more salient.


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