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Bar Barr or Regret this Dictatorial Attorney General

Bar Barr or Regret this Dictatorial Attorney General

Ralph Nader

Many Senate Democrats are throwing in the towel on the nomination of William Barr for Trump’s Attorney General (a prospect assured by Senate minority leader, Chuck Schumer, declaring his personal vote against Barr). Let’s ask why?

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Well this Barr man is really a tot

This Barr man seems to be a total sell out and after reading about Bush and the Iran Contra awfulness—it’s horrifying to see that the democratic republic was getting murdered even that long ago.
So Mr Barr —your awful history is embarrassing, and to think people like Feinstein thought it went wlle. Yes, Ralph Nader—Bar the BARR from gaining any more power, as he might totally kill off the nation this time.

I wondered what that famous poem by Alfred Lord Tennyson was about " Crossing the Bar." It actually sounds like a lawyer disavowing anything legal, and from Mr. Barr’s past history—yeah he got a pardon-----I had to go look at the poem again. I looked— and the first stanza of 4 lines and the 3rd stanza is “And may there be no moaning the bar…” LOL
, well I am sure that real lawyers are moaning you getting this job…the last line of the quatrain is , “When I put out to sea,” but I think it is improved and more realistic since this Barr does not seem like an honest man—that last line is better said by replacing it with 'What I refuse to see…" Yes Mr Barr, you seem able to see no evil, even when it is right in front of you. Yes, Ralph Nader Bar the BARR!


Whoever this “one” is who “would think” the Demorats give a rodent’s rear about Barr’s criminogeny

As the bard wrote

“It ain’t me, babe”


Well said and thank you for putting it so clearly and articulately. I agree 100%. I say “Hey, this is wrong and dangerous.” But it all falls on mostly deaf ears in the halls of Congress. It is all so appalling. Makes one tempted to throw up their hands and give up. We must not. Sadly, too many Americans, especially those in Washington have learned nothing from history. We know the consequences of that failure. Been there, done that. Shall we try it again and MAYBE we’ll get a different outcome? Good luck with that.

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Barr said he would not do anything wrong. He will not do the just thing though. In my little conspiracy world Attorney General William Barr would have appointed a Special Prosecutor to investigate the theft of the PROMIS (Prosecutors Management Information System) by the Department of Justice. In my world PROMIS tracked Peophiles & Pederasts like no other data management has been able to do since. In my world Attorney General William Barr and the Meese Commission on Pornography (with Father Ritter, and James Dobson) knew there is no trafficking in guns, drugs without the real money maker human trafficking especially child sex rings in the United States. That is what Danny Casolaro discovered. Not Iran-Contra. “Who Took Johnny”, The Franklin Scandal by Nick Bryant, The Franklin Cover-Up by John W. DeCamp. In this ME-TOO era we do not need William Barr’s tool kit.

That poem has nothing to do with the man, the law or this situation. I am not clear on your meaning. It’s a great poem and ought not to be besmirched by associating it with Barr.

I would prefer they disbar Barr.

I would suggest they have learned all too well and are seeking the kind of power that such actions bring.

HI 4thefuture: I was interested in where the word BARR came from as a lawyer must pas a BAR and BARS are also things that get in the way or block things even as places where people drink So I was wondering what was in this name of the potential A.G as Mr. Barr has this name Here is what I found:
In Gaelic it means a height or a hill, or the name is based on a job such as being by a gate or.
a barrier of some kind, So in a weird way, that’s why I wanted to know the history of BARR, which led me to a word use in that poem which can mean a barrier as in justice------ or a wall to fairness-----so I hope Mr. BARR does not become the AG. : ) Language changes over time and very often a family name is based on something… and the BARR of the poem seems to speak of crossing over or going by something----so the Barr there seems to be using that meaning. : ) I still find it intriguing that lawyers must pass a bar which I suppose is a hindrance for many, and a gate into another life for others. I see this potential BARR AG as a hindrance and I hope a big gate of votes keeps him out! : )