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Barack Obama: No Jack Kennedy


Barack Obama: No Jack Kennedy

Ray McGovern

Democratic Sen. Lloyd Bentsen’s “you’re no Jack Kennedy” put-down of Republican Sen. Dan Quayle in the 1988 vice presidential debate springs to mind on a day on which I cannot help but compare the character of President Barack Obama to that of John Kennedy, the first President under whom I served in the Army and CIA.


Based on seeing Obama quoting and comparing himself to Ronny Raygun more than all of his predecessors combined, Raygun is the ONLY president that Obama wants to be compared with.

Obama is easy to understand…all trickle down with populist platitude icing.


Thank you for the reference to the Douglass book, and thank you for reminding readers that JFK had a heart and intact soul. I don’t think the same is true for Obama.

And by the way, since Mrs. Clinton seems a shoe-in for the Presidency (as card-carrying member of one of those dynastic families that knows where all the bodies are buried, and thus can be trusted by martial, bankster & corporate elites), what will you boys say when she shows an intemperate willingness for combat? Will you at last shelve sexist notions of this nature?

"Davis told an interviewer: “There’s a pair of testicles somewhere between the Capitol Building and the White House that fell off the President after Election Day [2008].”


I suspect somebody sat BO down the day after his inauguration and showed him the Zapruder film. Then they cryptically told him nobody is safe against a “lone gunman.” Nuff said.


Barack Obama: No Dwight Eisenhower.


I’ve been saying for years now that BO is the biggest uncle tom in history and now it looks that I was right all along. Having paid attention to national affairs since the time before I got sent to Vietnam, I can’t remember any critique or piece of information about a sitting president, something related to courage (moral or otherwise), that is so incisively devastating. One suspects that McGovern’s particulars of damnation will resonate with the right wing punditocracy. As a left wing progressivist, I say RIGHT ON! Point blank: one hopes that this issue of courage will blossom in a big way and that the bastard will resign. One thing that I sense about Biden is that he’s got balls!


The innocents killed in Obama’s drone strikes aren’t concerned if it showed Obama’s lack of balls because he should be sending troops, not drones (right wing view) or his lack of balls in letting neocons dictate his drone policy (left wing view).

They don’t care about his balls at all. They’re dead.

Their relatives don’t care either. Regardless of the motivation for the drone strikes, they want revenge.

The whistleblowers prosecuted by the government transparency President don’t care about Obama;s balls - they just want to get out of prison.

Psychoanalyzing evil doesn’t change its nature - or acts.


Thank you Ray McGovern, you and Robert Parry are two of the ever fewer reporters telling truth to power today. It’s a dangerous and frustrating thing you are doing and it is important that your commitment is recognized. More power to you!


As always, being Head of State when surrounded by powerful Barons has its risks. Heads of State should not offer hope and change in order to be voted HoS when they are too gutless to walk their talk.


“what will you boys say when she shows an intemperate willingness for combat?”

I am sure that someone, somewhere in the Pentagon will say that she is a ballsy sort of woman.

But all humour aside, please note that she will not engage in combat. She will ensure that others do the fighting and dying.


Thank you, Ray McGovern, for your insightful reflection on the 52nd anniversary of JFK’s glorious “peace speech” at American University. JFK presented possibilities for cooperation and development that were extraordinary for humankind.

It was my great fortune to discover James Douglass’ JFK and the Unspeakable nine months ago, thanks to mentions of it in CD comments. I know I’ve also mentioned in this forum at least 5X, and in Facebook comments much more.

JFK was a bona fide peace and justice activist, and Douglass’ remarkable research proves it! JFK encourages me to this day to walk the talk.

Peace, and best wishes.


While I am not particularly impressed with JFK , there is evidence that he also tried to stop Vietnam from morphing into the military disaster it became after his death. He just should never have continued Eisenhower’s stupidity in the first place. But then capitalist fears of communist economic systems was morbid and irrational. Well, it still is.


Ray need not indulge in any kind of propaganda. He just needed to quote JFK for us, and the world, to know what kind of a man JFK was. For some of us who’d lived through his times, there was no one comparable with JFK, and sad to say, no one ever would in the foreseeable future.


“No Jack Kennedy”

…and as long as he behaves, he won’t be.


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