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Barack Obama: What’s He Waiting For?


Barack Obama: What’s He Waiting For?

Ralph Nader

The most popular Democratic leader by far is still former President Barack Obama. Despite this popularity, many of the signature accomplishments of his modest legacy are being brutishly unraveled – being repealed, suspended or slated for extinction – by the Trumpsters. Donald Trump seems to revel in the destruction of consumer, investor, environmental, work and public land protections and standards.


For any of the roles for Obama proposed by Ralph there needs to be an underlying commitment to do well by the 90% underclass, something that Obama has never been a part of. Let’s get off this kick and leave behind Obama (for whom I voted twice) and the rest of the rotting Democratic establishment. Get rid of elitist clowns like Holder and all the rest of the gutless establishment bastards. Face it: Obama was a complete phony, a terrible president.


He could get involved with Organizing for Action, an organization he played a role in creating. That organization is trying to resist Trump but has had a great reduction in funding during the last few years. OFA uses a picture of Obama on its website but I don’t believe Obama actually has any involvement.


Nice paragraph. I, too, voted for him…the first time…not the second. In his mind, he’s an elitist, rather than the elitists’ lackey that he proved to be. Anything he’s currently working on will not be to the benefit of the lower classes.


Obama is essentially still a puppet who’s doing what his handlers tell him to do. No other hypothesis is relevant.


He could run for Senate again. It’s unconventional, but these are unconventional times. Why not?


obviously he’s waiting for bigger and more frequent checks to roll in.

you know, for the “library” and all that.

If anyone’s looking for Obama to do anything socially positive for the hoi polloi, you need to put the crack pipe down.


Republicans are clobbering democrats in fundraising. In July Ds raised $3.8 million to the Rs $10.9 million. Democrats are paying for running Hillary and cheating Bernie, can’t say they don’t deserve it.


Obama gave people the tools to fight back, to bad so many Americans through learned helplessness can not figure this out. Hillary cheated Bernie get over it.


Sorry. Obama doesn’t owe anyone a darn thing. People should have known the dangers Trump was going to inflict and Obama warned us. Now suddenly people are expecting him to swoop in and make things right. Get lost.

Obama was in office for eight years dealing with the GOP’s garbage. Voters didn’t see that when it really mattered. Too bad a lot of people decided to throw a temper tantrum instead of using their voting powers like responsible adults. Elections have consequences. Nader of all people should know that.


What he’s working on is a $65 million book deal in conjunction with MIchelle. He will also probably follow the path of the Clintons and make big bank delivering speeches to the oligarchs. I voted for this phony in 2008 but I knew by the end of 2009 that I could not in good conscience vote for him again. I get real snippy about being betrayed.


He’s being tastefully discreet, as are his predecessors.
Business as usual.