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Barbara Lee Introduces Bill to Block More 'Boots on the Ground' in Syria


Barbara Lee Introduces Bill to Block More 'Boots on the Ground' in Syria

Nika Knight, staff writer

In response to the Pentagon's deployment of about 400 American ground troops to Syria, U.S. Rep. Barbara Lee (D-Calif.) is introducing a bill Friday that would block the Defense Department from putting any more "boots on the ground" in the ongoing conflict.


That's our congressperson up there. You can have one too, if you work on it.


Again our courageous Congresswoman Barbara Lee of California steps forward to stop boots on the ground. WE NEED HER TO RUN FOR THE SENATE IN 2018! To oppose the war hawk, Diane Feinstein who is planning to run yet again, the senator who was set to do harm to our "entitlement" programs back in 2009, worked to stop our pay equity in San Francisco when she was mayor, voted for 7 of the orange man's cabinet nominees, and on and on. BARBARA LEE FOR THE SENATE, 2018. CALL HER TO URGE HER TO RUN - here is her number in Oakland, Ca. 510-763-0370. or contact her by email by going to her website. google her - I don't have it handy. sorry. GO BARBARA - RUN FOR THE SENATE, THE COUNTRY NEEDS YOU THERE!


here it is. LEE.HOUSE.GOV - let's draft her to run for the SENATE in 2018! now is the time to widen the crack made by the orange man and bring a true progressive voice forward to add to Bernie's!


Barbara Lee is an American Treasure... Thanks for this CD.


Coward US Generals pump their resumés with the blood of children.

They are worse parents than generals. They put our youth in tents under poison pollution of open burn pits and try to say resulting sickness is untrue.

Shame on coward US Generals who are worse parents than they are idiot generals.


I have to appreciate Barbara Lee introducing this bill that would no doubt save many American military lives in Syria, but where the hell is the rest of her colleagues?

"The (AUMF) has now been used to bypass Congressional approval for endless wars in the Middle East ."


Been wondering exactly where the anti-war folks have been. Thank you Barbara Lee!


Agree 100% where are those that oppose DJT policies? Where are Schumer, Pelosi, Feinstein? Plenty of name calling from this bunch where is the opposition to DJT policies? Bet they will be silent as they are the people and party that has kept us at war for years.


They are the war parties silent opposition!


Interesting that you give the dominant political on today's landscape a complete pass. Repeatedly.


Say what????


iT'S A NICE thought for a lame congress. I'm thinking more and more that politics is not the ultimate answer. We need a spiritual change that will then evolve into political changes. Until the spirit is right, nothing really changes. Even Judge Sotomayor at her recent talk at UC Berkeley said that everything has become so politicized. that to me - just means more division for power plays.

The comments about Barbara Lee for Senator are a good idea. I would recommend a great Oakland city council person - Rebecca Kaplan - to replace her in congress. In the cesspool of Oakland City Hall, Kaplan really stands out as a progressive and someone in touch with the people in the community - not just the money folks.


Barbara Lee waits until the WWE Hall of Famer is president to officially oppose an illegal U.S. military operation. Better late than never.

Repeal Obamacare
Repeal Trumpcare
Medicare 4 ALL!


" Politics is not the ultimate answer".

I think you are on to something.
" For me, politics bereft of religion is absolute dirt ever to be shunned."
Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi


I am so proud to be a woman!!!


I wish her well but this has as much chance of passing as free healthcare and national minimum income for all paid for with greenbacks. Thats too bad.


Barbara Lee did not wait for anyone, puts. She alone opposed the endless war AUMF. The vote that enable everything that has followed.


Barbara Lee supported Booker T. Obama's illegal military operation in Syria.

Repeal Obamacare
Repeal Trumpcare
Medicare 4 ALL!