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Barbara Lee Slams Paul Ryan for Killing Endless War Repeal 'In Dead of Night'

Barbara Lee Slams Paul Ryan for Killing Endless War Repeal 'In Dead of Night'

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Just over two weeks after Rep. Barbara Lee (D-Calif.) succeeded in adding an amendment to the 2018 Defense Appropriations Bill that would have repealed the 2001 Authorization for Use of Military Force, House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) reportedly killed the amendment late Tuesday night with no debate or discussion.

Lee took to Twitter to denounce Ryan's move as "underhanded" and "undemocratic."


Woe…what true D*ck he is …


We CANNOT rely on Congressional action to fix what is wrong in this country.


Ryan wanted to let the memory hole work its magic. Given enough time, he knows that people will come to forget that it is supposed to be up to Congress to declare war. It didn’t take all that long for the idea that it is the President’s job to protect us in his role as Commander in Chief by deciding when and where to initiate military action. During the recent military actions in Syria or even the Trumpenstein monster’s unauthorized delegating of the President’s Commander in Chief authority to the military itself, that the press failed to even mention the constitutional role of Congress in declaring war and authorizing military action.

The press follows through as oligarchy dismantles our democracy. Would Congress demote itself? Congress is not opposing the rise of oligarchy and so the answer is yes, Congress will voluntarily give up its authority to oligarchy. Democracy is for the little guy to have a say in what the government does. Oligarchy is the opposite and seeks to limit having a say to the wealthy and powerful at the top. Do you know many little guys in Congress? Just asking. Our government is filled with millionaires and billionaires! Oddly enough I just don’t feel the representation!

Thank you Rep. Lee!

Lest we forget …it is our duty to defend our rights. It is our responsibility to keep and protect our democracy from the powerful who would take it from us.


This is another example of the UN-democratic system. The party’s have too much power and so do “leadership” positions. And these things are becoming structural parts of the US system through repitition, tradition, and rules.


Too bad this won’t get any MSM exposure. In addition to being hopelessly indebted to the war-mongers, this action demonstrates just how lazy Ryan is. Gosh, an actual debate to authorize war (as per the constitution) is just way too much work. Sure wish we could defund congressional paychecks until they start doing their jobs…


Ryan has no respect nor commitment to democracy. That is the problem with Democrats. They have a big tent and believe in democracy in terms of sharing and respecting others. As Koch Daddy always said vulture capitalism can not co-exist with democracy.

i’m sure you are right, “We CANNOT rely on congress to fix what is wrong.” in fact our venal congress IS and has long been a part of the problem. congress serves at the behest of corporate powers whose only loyalty is to the profit motive. they along with congress enjoy a very exclusive democracy. we, the citizens, have been relegated to sit in the audience. we can cheer or we can boo, but are expected to focus on the antics of the two party mobius strip. barbara lee complains that, “House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) reportedly killed the amendment late Tuesday night with no debate or discussion.” i know how she feels! you nor i get an invitation yo join the discussion, either. why, i even searched for a text of barbara’s proposed amendment cut couldn’t find one even at a dot-gov site. what i discovered doesn’t go far enough. still too warrior-esque for my taste.

end the insanity of war! NOW!


Thanks for your comment. And also, Thanks to Barbara Lee for her persistent efforts.

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Remember, 117 Dems voted for the proposed Republican budget increase to DoD. Maybe those Dems didn’t want this vote and the Ryan/Trump Adm. accommodated them? They dodge a bullet while children in the MENA and elsewhere, catch one. Same old Congress, different decade.

The Uniparty has also proposed their first stimulus bill on a bipartisan basis.:wink: We should be so proud of the hard work of the MIC/The Alphabets in bringing together the Congress, to improve and upgrade the single greatest killing force in world history. Kudos all the way around here, right? Use the middle figure wave! They’ve earned it.
This continued type of consensus governing, selling a " might makes right " foreign policy, is antithetical to the future of this planet. But, so bipartisan.
Besides, the present Congress have ceded the leadership of this country’s well-oiled killing machine to a lunatic and his family of stinking, low rent, greasy grifters. What could possibly go wrong?
That is the kind of Uniparty consensus that scares the sane world. And, should scare every thoughtful person in this country. Get rid of this idiot and his entourage of shit-for-brains enablers and hamfisted handymen. Enough is Enough.


Lee was the only member of Congress to vote against the AUMF.

Thank You Ms Lee.
When everyone about you was Loosing their Heads, you kept yours.

Well the morons voted this authority and gave it to the moron Bush.

When Obama had the power and the chance to repeal, he abused and expanded the pathos.

And now we have a modern Nero with the “Dogs of War” at his sole beck and call.

Curses are like chickens; they always come home to roost.


I guess we’ll just have to rely on CAPITALIZATION.

She is our congressperson here. At the time of the original AUMF vote she was attacked by Green Party leader Boch. You might more effectively thank her by electing someone in your district who would support her efforts.


Are the citizens of Wisconsin blithering idiots? Why in the wide, wide world of sports do they continue to vote that slimy, evil, anti-American, anti-worker, anti-everything-that-isn’t-oligarch-rich-corporate-donor back into office over and over? Ryan is one of the biggest slimebags in Washington, and acquiring quite a reputation for his horrific, evil ideology. Methinks the Wisconsinites deserve to reap what they sow. Unfortunately, they are making the rest of us non-Wisconsinites suffer as well.

Paulie seems to be taking his lesson from the top. Don’s already said he thinks the Constitution is “archaic.”
Like in any top down org, you take your example from there.

Ryan is in a “safe” district occupied by fellow millionaires living in mansions, sending Buffy and Reggie to private “country day schools” and elite college prep schools with hopes that they will end up in Ivy League or other expensive private universities that welcome legacies with open arms (provided their parents bring their checkbooks). And these wealthy white folks like what Ryan spews and advocates because they all benefit in numerous ways…like keeping the riff-raff out of their schools and out of their sight; looking forward to even more tax breaks and govt. subsidies (to pave their streets, groom their parks, maintain their sidewalks, replace their streetlights, and provide a fully manned police force to protect their “things”, e.g.).

Good ol’ Lyin’ Ryan…what a douche.


Ryan ashamed of himself, not gonna happen.

I hope Donald Trump’s happy basset got a nice belly rub for his nefarious actions. Maybe even a bone?

Keep the bill intact - then get the right policies and invade Saudi Arabia

Yeah, but these guys haven’t reached their goals and would have nothing to do…