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Barbara Lee Urges UN to Probe Trump's Human Rights Abuses at Border as Violation of International Law


Barbara Lee Urges UN to Probe Trump's Human Rights Abuses at Border as Violation of International Law

Julia Conley, staff writer

Even as breaking news reports on Thursday indicated Trump may soon backtrack on his so-called "zero tolerance" policy, Rep. Barbara Lee (D-Calif.) has responded to evidence of grave abuses of children at immigrant detention facilities by urging the United Nations to investigate the Trump administration's treatment of asylum seekers and the conditions that children are being subjected to after being separated from their families by the Department of Homeland Security.


Thank you Barbara

Can you also review Private Correctional Facilities violating International Law.

Also, the complicity of local, state and federal agencies aiding and abetting such criminal actions by their abrogation of duty


Anyone know what they are going to do with these children who have already been separated? I saw a protest photo today from LaGuardia airport where children from these detention centers were coming off of PLANES!! Where the hell are they transporting these children to and for what?? Child trafficking? The evil of trump et al knows no bounds!


Excellent idea. I wish Barbara Lee would run for president. Thank you.


Yes, the current administration violates international law in terms of immigration. As did the previous ones. Violations of international law by the “exceptional,” most powerful, nation humanity has ever seen are a matter of national U.S. law, national U.S. policy, national U.S. practice. It is SOP.

Sorry Ms. Lee, international law does not apply to the U.S. and therefore it is fundamentally irrelevant in terms of the many U.S. crimes against humanity and war crimes.

And your feckless caucus in the Duopoly Party of Business has been a central part of the problem.


Really Tom, she is the only one that voted against the Iraq war and meets your standards against military engagement and military spending.


Yeah. If Barbara Lee were serious she’d be commenting on the Internet. Like you.


Johnson does not have standards, just a standard rant which amounts to a rather deep defense of Trump through the “what about…” method.


Well this is a good place to examine that and hopefully find some. :slight_smile:


Nowhere is this an attack on Barbara Lee, but as long as she remains a Dem, her votes will mean nothing in terms of winning anything of substance or moving national organizing. The fact that her options are so limited, because she is a Democrat, is truly sad. Like Bernie and other real progressives, her party membership neuters her courage and instincts. It is a hard thing to face, but the Duopoly is a killing, dying thing. No matter what faction you belong to, you’re still a Democrat.

If she was an independent, allying on individual issues, that would be something else.


While I’m glad this is not intended as a attack on Barbara Lee, the same could be said of any progressive representative in terms of options or effective legislation. On this issue I would support her based on her record that is neither neutered or without courage. A more direct approach would be preferred but that is not happening and until it does a safe guard needs to be in place. Emergent issues don’t usually wait for a political consensus.


Fern I burned you in a comment yesterday

My apologies

Sometimes I should take my wife’s advice and shut up


It is all fine, I wouldn’t fault anyone for questioning something. we all do. I appreciate it though. Thanks.


and trump has taken us out of the UN’s human rights program. Hiding from world notice, methinks. Like the world does not see what he’s doing to this country,


We are now seeing and in full experience of how the Nazis and fascist were able to take over Europe. It is so simple and easy to convince the least informed that they deserve more and that their misery is due to “THE OTHER” even though they haven’t earned it or that their own economic creations have robbed them by seeking cheap labor enabled by the government they elected. From Nixon’s trip to China Jimmy Carter’s oil and energy crises to Clinton’s war on the black population and his signature of Gram Leach Bliley and Obama’s drug company give away and his blindsiding of his party. Trump is just the perfect example of our own arrogance and reliance on an archaic voting, election, system, designed for a different century. This is our fault. The Russians may have tried to take advantage of our naivety, but we did this to ourselves,


Thank you for this analysis, lerenarde.

The regime in power in the US are perpetuating crimes against humanity. Barbara Lee call for the UN probe into US human rights violations is great. But it will go nowhere without follow up. Neither the Democrat nor Republican power structure will provide leadership on this. Action must come from the grassroots. If nothing else, I suggest grassroots efforts to bring charges of human rights violations against Trump, his officials, judges who’ve engaged in this, detention center directors, etc.


If she were an independent, she would never have gotten elected and re-elected into Congress at all! You may not like it, but people tend to vote for political parties, and most importantly, parties also provide the organizational resources needed to get elected.

Good thing Jeremey Corbyn did not follow your advice in the UK or he would be the leader of some marginal fringe party with no chance of leading the next British government.


Lee is our congressperson here. She’s a Democrat, as are most voters here. And she stood against both parties (and a prominent Green) when she alone voted no on the AUMF. She was attacked by the Right and the so-called Left, but was easily reelected. She continues to call for the rescission of the endless war vote, now with a bit more support.