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'Barbaric': 8 Million Americans Have Been Forced to Start Crowdfunding Campaigns to Cover Medical Costs, Survey Shows

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/02/19/barbaric-8-million-americans-have-been-forced-start-crowdfunding-campaigns-cover


they shouldn’t have to beg for life-saving medicine either, but that’s precisely what many liberals have forced on millions of us because of their opiate hysteria.

this is still the biggest, most lethal on-going atrocity in the US itself, second overall only to war.

and yet, the only people talking about it are right wing libertarians ideological opposed to the Drug War.

Would be great if some of the center and let would come to our aid.


And this is the fascism the US is trying to sell the world with the label of “free markets” and “democracy”. If any nation has the temerity to refuse our onerous demands, we bomb the crap out of them, steal their resources, and place brutal economic sanctions to cause even more social pain. And throw in a military coup now and them to complete the madness. And now this corrupted fascist thing called a “US government” is doing the same to its own citizens. Sanders 2020.


And the most important question which should be asked at the next debate is:

WHAT exactly do Americans get for their tax dollars. As they pay into Medicare and Social Security-----what is it that their tax dollars get for them?
A person would hope that drug costs and medical costs would not cost individuals and families everything !

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The numbers of people requiring health care that they can not afford is climbing exponentially. The number of peoples willing or able to donate to such causes is finite and will in time drop as people experience donor fatigue.

That 8 million will rise to 10 and then 12 and then 20 , all of them in competition for the same dollars. It a stupid and ill conceived solution yet one advanced by guys like Rand Paul.

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So many once run by government programs are now being handed over to charities, read: corporations. Then these corporations run commercials touting how generous and lovely these corporations are, playing corny touchy/feelly music in the background. Meals-on-Wheels comes to mind and a major car manufacturer were part of this scam over the holidays.

Then there’s Tony the Tiger for Frosted Flakes who sadly, in his famous tiger-like baritone voice, pleads to the public to contribute to bring back sports to school curriculum. Hey, Betsy De Voss, you listening?? Of course not. That was your plan in the 1st place!

It’s all about cornering PR as greedy corporate CEOs try to corral their growing negative public sentiment against Corporate greed.

This all is just another red flag of the U.S. now being a 3rd world country.

you idiot. opium from poppies is what is in this medicine.
it’s a semi-synthetic.

this is why old people are suffering and dying.


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Personally I have an opinion about opium, but that is not the point.

Smoking or eating opium is far less harmful than injecting a highly concentrate or synthesized opiate or eating a pill also concentrate and metered to encourage addiction.

Something used for thousands of years may not be the best thing, but the side effects are better known and mediated. From what we see now, the Pharma option is a synthetic option that leads to other synthetic (and with questionable content) drugs.

Either way it is not the best way of dealing with the situation. Opiates may have a place, but it should be more of a last resort. And it does not need to be a long term answer… or provided by a for profit drug cartel.

Sorry, enlighten me. I don’t know of a single lefty or liberal organization that gives or takes away medication.
Some idiots at the CDC and FDA have short changed chronic pain patients from acquiring the morphine and other opiates they desperately need though.
We have been having overdosing since before Hank Williams. It’s not the drugs, or guns for that matter, that cause such grief, it’s the God awful stupidity of people needing that beer, shot, pill, or injection that don’t learn how to administer them. It’s hard to fix stupid.

of course it’s less harmful, because it’s less potent.

but this is a consumption theory of addiction that was disproven–decisively–in the 19th century.

I’d say how soon we forget, but that would be redundant.

Addiction in the biological sense is genetically determined. Substance abuse is not addiction. Neither is dependence. This is where the zealots have scored their points with a public that understandably hates the pharma business and a medical profession that still can’t agree on what addiction is or isn’t…

Medical patients don’t die from these medicines. People that use their prescriptions properly don’t die from them (the number of rx only morbidity is nearly identical across "loose’ and “tight” prescribing eras, blowing this hypothesis straight out of the water.

From a statistical standpoint, Tylenol is a deadlier drug–by far–than oxycodone.

One last thing–these medicines aren’t engineered to be more addictive. Such a thing isn’t possible with opiates. You either become addicted or you do not, and the previous 80 years (ending ion the “craze” year of 2013 fixes the percentage of addiction in opiate naive patients at less than 1 percent, most of whom already have a documented history of substance abuse since most chronic pain patients are older yet the people who overwhelmingly die of “opiate overdoses” are younger and ingesting not only pills that aren’t theirs, but also other substances they’re not supposed to.

And we’re paying the price with our lives (and pretty much everything else).

By the way, there is only one synthetic opiate–fentanyl and its analogs. all other opiates are, for all intents and purposes, derived from natural opium product.

Sorry… wrong.




Quote: “Synthetic Opioids: Drugs that man-made, and are not chemically related to opiates. Examples include: methadone, fentanyl, dextroproproxyphene, tramadol, and meperidine.”

no one claimed that.

but the PROP contingent is largely composed of “liberal” Democrats and most of their media narrative is, excuse the term, pushed by what we consider liberal outlets.

My direct claim is that there is minimal support for chronic pain patients in the liberal and left press, especially when the prospect of nailing a pharmaceutical company is so tantalizing to the point where people aren’t interested in understanding the science of pharmacology.

And this claim is true.

Sure it is. A highly purified (or man-made to be a mimic of that purity) as opposed to a natural derivative, and dispensed like candy by doctors and pharma companies is both a chemical alteration to up the usefulness and abusiveness and social/economic engineering to addict as many as possible.

Look, I agree at times they might be needed. But long term usage should be discouraged as it WILL lead to addiction in most if not all people.

Crowdfunding only encourages the Medical-Industrial Complex. They have no shame. Only greed.