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'Barbed Wire-Plus': Borders Know No Love


'Barbed Wire-Plus': Borders Know No Love

Belén Fernández

During a Thanksgiving Day teleconference with members of the US armed forces, US President Donald Trump took the opportunity to exult over the intensified militarisation of the nation's southern border in response to the US-bound Central American migrant and refugee caravan:


Thank you for that pic of a desperate angel child in terror’s grasp ----that brings tears to our eyes, and ideas of action.



Perhaps Mexico could donate enough land, which they have plenty of, to build two or three small functioning towns for refugees to inhabit. Considering that in other parts of the world we move in with our military, destroy cities and towns, and then spend billions to rebuild. Why not on the border. Refugees could use these towns as stepping stones to applied American life. The only people being displaced would be illegal Mexican border jumpers. They would have common language, and be able to have a working community, and move on if and when they want to.