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Barnstorming Iowa and 'Berning Up' the Internet as Sanders Surge Continues


Barnstorming Iowa and 'Berning Up' the Internet as Sanders Surge Continues

Jon Queally, staff writer

In addition to continued gains in key polls and a strong showing in Iowa over the weekend, a key aspect of the insurgent Bernie Sanders campaign for the Democratic presidential nomination appears to be his explosive popularity across the national Internet landscape, especially on social media platforms.


I notice that nobody, but nobody, is sticking up for Hillary Clinton online. Chelsea, this is your chance!


I gotta tell ya.

I love this guy.


It was no coincidence that Hillary flew up Saturday to Martha’s Vineyard to meet with Obama, who earlier played golf with Bill Clinton and Vernon Jordan. The Democratic establishment knows that Hillary will need Obama’s endorsement to defeat Sanders, and they’re consolidating forces. At one time the establishment may have seen the Sanders campaign as herding voters into the party for Hillary, but he’s become a force they never anticipated and his surge has now become an insurgency.


They said Obama had no real chance, too.


Obama was, quite likely, the pick of the establishment as the democratic candidate. He certainly was propelled into the limelight with his speech at the 2004 dem. convention.


One lever Bernie has but refuses to apply is the one that Trump has used and now has the Republican brass slithering around in panic - he could and should IMO begin talking about running as an independent [which he already is} if he isn’t the Democratic Party nominee.



The lasting image in my mind is good ole Bill shaking hands with the One and whispering at the last convention. Bill’s speech had plugged all the gaps in Obama’s record, and his “whisper” to Obama, the pundits supposed, had to do with Obama not hindering a Hillary run in 2016.

That TV image is the ONE thing that lent Hillary her 2016 polling dominance. Democrats wanting to be loyal to Obama, you know.

So now here come those baby blue eyes from Little Rock, calling for their favor. Issues be damned. Momentum be damned.


Perhaps so. I still think that Sanders has a real chance if enough of us join in.


With Obama and the Clintons - they know how to play dirty while smiling and giving wonderful speeches to the public. When Bernie becomes a real threat he will be derailed by something or other.

The GOP tried to derail Trump which backfired greatly, but the GOP is not as sophisticated as the Dems.

Obama’s poll numbers and popularity have actually increased with the GOP win of the House and the Senate. Obama found it a win for himself which in essence it was. Obama and Hillary are both moving in the Wall Street, corporate big leagues and they do not want a Bernie to mess things up. Should be interesting to see what is going to happen.


What makes Sanders great is that he’s speaking to what matters to people, and in cases like BLM where there might be some operatives in the organization out to kneecap him for Hillary, he’s being real about reaching out because regardless of shit-stirrers, the topic matters. He’s got a track record of standing up for the disadvantaged and minorities and opposing the police/prison complex that has hurt a lot of people, black people in particular, and I see his actions as consistent with someone who isn’t going to autocratically shut down voice just to keep an image. That’s actually a point of solid principle; it was not weak, as Trump suggested, that he allowed activists loosely affiliated with BLM onto the stage. It shows a belief in inclusiveness and that he legitimately cares about civil rights.

I definitely felt very frustrated with the “bowdownbernie” action, because it smells of shenanigans, and it operates on the assumption that white liberals are as a group not genuinely interested in getting justice for the black community. There are unfortunately those that feed that assumption. What impresses me is that I think Bernie is making very genuine steps to build a populist coalition that’s serious about social justice across both race and class. We’ve been short of genuine dialogue on these issues.

Genuine progressive recognition that says “My freedom and your freedom stand or fall together” has been brewing, but really speaking and acting on it is still a work in progress. It’s absolutely worth doing, even though mistakes will be made along the way. We can’t not try. This isn’t divisiveness, this is healing for our nation.


It seems the people are still wanting hope & change and just may get it this time around. As long as the house and senate have some like minded progressive supporters that can get elected.


If you could resurrect Eugene Debs himself, run and elect him as a Democrat, by February 2017 he’d be wire-transferring your paycheck to Wall Street, the war profiteers, and the health insurance companies, and he’d be bombing Muslims to beat the band.

The Democratic Party is a machine that takes good intentions, then melts them down and forges them into bullets and barbed wire.

But go ahead, enjoy your Kool-Aid.


Go ahead, enjoy your misery because with that attitude and implicit call to inaction, you’re going to be wallowing in it.


No, Obama was selected long before he became President. The canard that Obama was suppose to have no chance was part of the Wall Street con. And HRC has been selected by the same Wall Street people and just as soon as Bernie becomes a viable threat to Wall Street’s presidential selection, Bernie will be thrown under the political bus, but would love to be proven wrong!


Bernie stopped in Dubuque last evening, and I was fortunate to be in the spirited crowd of over 2,000 who attended the Sanders for President rally.

Bernie’s an incredible speaker! He preached for 70 minutes, though he was frequently interrupted by applause and ovations. His voice got hoarse midway through, then he cleared up and was fine the rest of his speech. Friends and I agreed that he addressed every issue!

There is a long campaign ahead, and Bernie continues to pick up steam. I wish him well.

Fine news report for CD, Jon. Keep it up!


Midwesterners aren’t allergic to, or unaware of, the general context and definition of communism, socialism, democratic socialism, liberalism, progressivism ,populism, libertarianism or conservatism. They’re just very interested in genuine, grass roots, ground up solutions which focus on what can be done in practical terms to " make everyone’s row a little easier to hoe ". Focusing on positive implementation of a progressive platform is driving these crowds to come " see, hear and judge " for themselves. The state of Iowa’s dominant party at the time of its becoming part of the Union was the Radical Progressive Party. Yeah, radical as in, ending slavery and fighting the Big Corporate railroads and Eastern establishment bankers and land speculators. They aren’t militarists, either, but do have a true love of country and a real belief in the future of generations to come. Pragmatic positive change and not " some old disgruntled socialist " will drive the kitchen table conversation and decide the candidate. Bernie’s Bunch is up for the fight but is Hillary’s crowd? Without the walk around money it wouldn’t be a contest, imo. We shall see but " … for all those whose cares have been our concern, the work goes on, the cause endures, the hope still lives and the dream shall never die. " For now, Bernie is running a lot closer to the dreams of the very best than anyone else, by a country mile. Just sayin’.


Hi, My point is/was that throwing away one’s biggest lever/weapon against an entrenched power isn’t the best strategy. Look at Greece, they refused to threaten Grexit and clobbered.
i don’t disagree that independents have little chance of winning or that leaving to become one wouldn’t mean the election of the party if it remains un-divided. What i’m saying is the best strategy for Bernie to fend off the establishment Democratic party is the same one Trump is using to fend off the same Republican brass.


Thanks, it is helpful to hear from people who actually attend these gatherings.


To me, Hillary’s main problem is a lack of bold and meaningful policies that truly address today’s major problems. Her analysis of the problems is sophisticated and accurate, but her advisers are handing her solutions that are marginal and overly complicated. Triangulation will not work in today’s environment.