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Barr Blasted by Rights Advocates for 'Absolutley Despicable' Speech Slamming 'Anti-Law Enforcement DAs'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/08/12/barr-blasted-rights-advocates-absolutley-despicable-speech-slamming-anti-law

Barr and his boss are repulsive violators of human rights and dignity. They have no place in a government of decency and honor. If you can think of anything that would be kind, loving, progressive or improve the world - they will be for the exact opposite of that. They should be banned from government service and hopefully spend the rest of their days somewhere like Guantanamo.


Barr is a hatchet man for the conservative agenda and has no business being Americas number one law enforcement officer. There are no laws Barr will not violate to keep conservatives holding the levers of power.


Attorney General Barr can spew and twist data about prosecutors because he knows there is no prosecutors management information system to track data since he was Assistant Attorney General and Attorney General 1980’s and 1990’s. The Department of Justice (injustice) could have curtailed the Epstein-types back in the 1980-90’s if every district used PROMIS (prosecutors management information system). He is correct; cults take over prosecutors offices and put in their cult operatives agenda. No data kept on the dark side. But there is a crack in everything. That is how the light gets in. We see your control policies. Justice will be in the data.


“Letting criminals off the hook”
I thought that was Repugnants, like Acosta with Epstein.

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Barr is a despicable human being. Needs to be impeached for incompetence and treason. A pawn for Trump to further his anti people polices.


It also includes Barack “Look Forward, Not Back” Obama and Nancy “Impeachment is Off the Table” Pelosi, both (nominal) Democrats. Our two-tierd justice system is thoroughly bipartisan.

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PROMIS sounds pretty sketchy according to Whitney Webb’s Too Big To Fail series over at Mint Press.

Answer: Barr, Trump, Sessions, ICE, HSA, FBI, NSA, Comey, Clapper, Brennan and Acosta, of course. That’s 11 total, Alex.
Question: How many pigs are there inside the Police & Security State blanket on any given day and can you name them? This is for the big win, on Your Life Really Is In Jeopardy!!!

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Nothing but Sadistic Barbarians in the Trump Administration.

It is difficult to tell my children that Murder is absolutely Wrong when we have State Sanctioned Murders.

A Child will ask: why is it okay for the State to Murder someone?

The answer is simple, it is Not Okay. We should Never Stoop to the Level of the Criminal.

If we are to set an example for our Children it must be made clear that Murder is Wrong, whether committed my the Criminal or the State. Acting like the Murderer is Uncivilized.

Only a Bloodthirsty Inhumane Savage like Donald Trump would think that Capital Punishment is the solution to Gun Violence.

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Read more than Whitney Webb.

Didn’t GEORGE BUSH SR. like young single asian chicks?
That’s who Billy Barr owes.

Almost reminds me of “Beat The Reaper” which may have been before your time. ; - )

Id say it’s the other way round - Bush Sr, owes Barr.

Remember Barr is the guy who covered up and killed the inquiry into the Reagan / Bush Treason in Iran-Contra and got them both (and others) off the hook.

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Wow. That speech could have come out of the mouth of Duterte or Bolsonario.

But hey, just as a sovereign Russia and Syria should never cave to the liberal globalist demands to “respect human rights” in their fight against American Imperialism and The Elites, and for a multipolar world of sovereign nations, so a sovereign USA should never be under no obligation by the globalists to respect human rights either.

Would illegal war be included with mass murder? If so then Bu$h 43, Obummer, and Trump better hightail it to Mexico.

Why do you hate Mexico so much? Why do you wish it harm? Besides, 3 Amigos was a horrible movie. Do you think this remake would be any better when there are still no frontline Afro-Mexican actors, besides Denzel Washington, to play El Presidente OhBummer?

I was going to suggest Belize but they don’t have an extradition treaty with the U.S. I want them to run to what they think is safe haven only to find U.S. Marshalls outside their hotel room in Mexico presenting them with their very own shiny pair of handcuffs.

Brazil? Then we could have a remake of Boys From Brazil and Denzel could still be El Presidente OhBummer.
Maybe my people should have lunch with their people and your people, too, of course. Does USAID, The Atlantic Council, IMF & the World Bank still have that credit card from The Caymans?