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Barr Repeatedly Claims He Doesn't Know Whether It's Illegal to Vote Twice Following Trump Comments

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/09/03/barr-repeatedly-claims-he-doesnt-know-whether-its-illegal-vote-twice-following-trump


Translation of Barr position: voting is irrelevant.

In terms of voting resulting in truly democratic representation and governance, his flab is laid squarely on suppression by all means possible. That includes distraction, distortion and shoving the dumpster of cans down the road, while triangulating for upward mobility of economic resources and elimination of means among 90% of what his ilk insult as being people unworthy of life itself who live on this continent.

Vote ONCE, know that we all will have to be fighting for the integrity of our communities, our local governance and building from grass roots.

Late stage empire of late stage capitalism for purposes of re-colonization by means of reintroduction of mendacious, colonizer politics (as opposed to coherent policy), premises and practices (as opposed to universal principles of well being and acknowledgement of consequences for actions).

It is no longer simply unsettling to watch the process of abortive dissection and reversal of neutral societal architecture. The legal system evolves only to the extent that it does not slap totalitarian heavy handedness on already problematic distortions introduced by slavery and its 20th century “privatization” so favored by Reaganomics/Citizen United et al.

The sheer scope of skill sets once so celebrated in this country have been blinded and shackled not simply by greed, but the structure of the profit incentive, which is chained by limiting the interactions necessary for commerce to what are now unimaginable scales of abuse by the propagandized shit hole of “financialization experts”: the central bank /fractional reserve banking lalaland twittery. And the former are integral parts of transnational corporations destroying rainforest, original traditional lands of indigenous peoples struggling full out to save these from corporate destruction. In the mean time, mining, oil extraction is and always has been THE most abusive usurper, polluter and judicial miscreant followed by transnational construction companies that immediately enter into cahoots with local and regional politicians to usurp human dignity and integrity - not to mention DIVERSITY. All necessary to continuing life on the planet.


Barr Repeatedly Claims He Doesn’t Know Whether It’s Illegal to Vote Twice Following Trump Comments

That’s because the question was not asked correctly, to get the answer to the question it requires that you need to insert Republican and Democratic into the question before the word VOTE. Then of course you will get the answer… YES and NO respectively.

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How the hell did Barr pass the bar?


Before our eyes, we see voting itself thoroughly throttled to death under the knee of fascism. It’s not taking much longer than nine minutes.


low bar


I consider my vote to be the statement that I am engaging and will not be disengaging.


Me too, OG. I say good luck with that to us, in 2020, when our votes are lost in the mail (along with our prescriptions) depending on our area code.

In my part of the world (CA), we’ll be finding the nearest official place we can personally deliver our absentee ballots. As soon as we get 'em, fill 'em out and drop 'em off. No guarantee either, just enhancing the odds of having my vote counted, as best I can. What the hell.


Barr’s no idiot. He’s a Whore…the top Whore, or should I say bottom.


What do they call the guy that graduates last in class from law school?

They call him a lawyer too.

Like many professions (medicine, accounting, finance, car mechanic) being an attorney doesn’t require any abstract thought. It’s simply the research and regurgitation of already existing knowledge. It’s why you will often find that many people with professional degrees seem to be some of the dimmest bulbs. Their chosen professions don’t require them to think, just to know.


A classic, thanks.

I don’t know about being a car mechanic. Back in the day, I explored the mind-expanding powers of motorcycle mechanics. I’d get the whole bike put back together, all the nuts properly torqued… with just one little greasy deelio left over here – where was this supposed to go?

Bill Barr is simply another handmaiden to the oligarchy. Another nerd who thinks that if he pays constant homage to the rich White alpha males that someday they’ll let him into the club.
There is a road going into Washington DC riddled with the bones of men like Bill Barr. They all share the same thing in common. They were all used by the oligarchy, and tossed aside like a candy wrapper.
That fate awaits Bill Barr.


As long as you don’t have any parts left over you’re good to go!

I have to admit I paraphrased that joke from my wife, who credentials and certifies all the physicians and depts at our local hospital. Her version is of course, what do they call the guy who graduates last in his class from medical school? They call him doctor too. Of course she’ll tell you that they are not doctors until she proves they have insurance and gives her stamp of approval, but that attitude is one of my crosses to bear;)


He’s a Limbo expert. Can get under the lowest of bars.

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And tell us how many people have been prosecuted across the US for this very offense, except that none of this literal handful of offenses were on purpose. Or the Crosscheck program from Kris Kobach which has thrown literally millions of voters off the roles for totally bogus data, the kind of data cross check which no reputable (or even beginning) database analyst would ever pass on because those “matches” are common types of mistakes produced via incomplete search terms (special and deliberate problem of Crosscheck) and/or typos and inconsistent entries of the same person and/or name changes, usually because of marriages.


The USA is a failed state. It was founded on genocide and slavery which guaranteed failure, especially since the USA has never come to terms with that history and as only kept it alive all these years. The rich white fuckers who founded this nation have never given up their personal little fiefdom and never will.


The only thing Barr knows is the taste of Trump’s shit in his mouth and he loves it most of all.


does anybody think that he is something besides a criminal liar–history will show that he is one of the worst of the Republican criminals


I can’t stomach the sleaze level. I don’t know which is more odious, Pompeo or Barr or Trump. Or even if they even are three different people.


There has to be a breeding ground for all this sleaze some wheres. It seems no matter how many of these sleazeballs come and leave under a cloud of scandal , there another 2500 to take their place. It not only that but they keep resurfacing and seem to live forever (Abrams/Kissinger/navarro/pompeo)

I imagine the application form for wanting a spot in Government has a line “rate your sleaze level from 1 lowest to 10 highest” and no one under 7 wins the position.