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Barr Slammed for Acting as 'Personal Henchman' of Trump as DOJ Moves to Take Over His Defense in Suit Filed by Rape Accuser

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/09/09/barr-slammed-acting-personal-henchman-trump-doj-moves-take-over-his-defense-suit

Are these people in another dimension? Or is it us?


This is where Jesse Ventura could win the election if he was running. He could convincingly explain that this was wrong. The Democrats wont know if it’s right or wrong until their polling gets analyzed in a week or so.


What was i saying about “other dimensions”:



AGs have been serving as the personal lawyers for presidents since the days Nixon and John Mitchell, so let’s stop all this pearl clutching about Bill Barr.
Instead of bitching about it, democrats, how about taking the authority to appoint the chief law enforcement officer in the nation from executive branch and place it in the House, where it belongs.

If you don’t like having a President with the powers of a monarch, then take them away. How about Nancy? (I’ll be over here, not holding my breath)


Bill ‘Opus Dei’ Barr acting like he normally does shilling for the immoral.

He’s really living up to their message:

Work, family life, and the ordinary events of each day are opportunities for drawing close to Christ, and making Him known to others.

I think he is likely auditioning for the job of chief legal counsel of the organization after his current gig is over.

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He is still ‘allowed’ to be president. The paramilitary secret ‘police’ are still ‘allowed’ to cause extra mayhem, illegally, and to kidnap legally protesting citizens. Barr is still being ‘allowed’ to illegally be his personal attorney. Mitch McConnell is still being ‘allowed’ to stack the federal bench with radical unqualified ideologues. All of the openly fascist bigots are still ‘allowed’ to run all of the federal cabinet positions — All ‘allowed’ by the citizens of our nation without any real revolt. The tax cuts for the rich and the cuts to medicare and social security are still being ‘allowed’. Not to mention the fact that the pandemic as been ‘allowed’ to be purposely completely out-of-control, and proven to be the worst response of all the other nations. To paraphrase the infamous quote… It’s the ongoing, never ending, incredibly constant, insane 'allowing, stupid.


As long as Billy Boy Barr continues to act as Donnie the Rumps personal sycophant/henchman/toady/stooge/arse-licking attorney he is not doing his job as Attorney General representing the American people. A person not doing the job they are hired for should, of course, be fired, dismissed, kicked out on their bloated blow-harding arse. (At least that’s my personal opinion)


How long has all this been going on and what have the Dems done about any of it? I agree with BigB above. If Trump wins again it’s because the Dems have done very little to stop him. And if Trump wins again this country is over. At least the democratic and “freedom” part.

Look what the DNC did. They picked a weak, middle of the road, conservative old man, Biden, instead of a dynamic willing to put up a fight old man, Bernie Sanders. And Nancy and Chuck, get off your fat asses and do something. Show some guts. Fuck your careers and fight this lying, psychopathic piece of shit that now occupies the White House and who pretty much destroying this country. GOD DAMMIT DO SOMETHING!


To Hawk: You said it all!

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Gwynne Dyer wrote a mediocre column yesterday, examining the question of what re-electing Orangeman would have to say about national character. That’s an interesting question. Nothing could better clarify matters than this state-lawsuit concept: Orangeman (and the sycophantic executive machinery quivering at his command) regards himself as the state, the personification of the state, as does any model dictator. Most peoples who entertain the consolation of a democratic tradition would regard this kind of thing as a profound insult. US Americans, however, might have lost all capacity to feel insulted, all dignity. We’ll see.


You are assuming the democrats have any intention of winning this election. The worst thing that can happen to the DNC is that they win. It puts them in the position of having to betray the people they pretend to represent. The Republicans tell you exactly what they are going to do if elected and when you stupidly elected them they do exactly as they said. The democrats on the other hand will tell you that if you elect them they will stop the mean republicans from doing what they promise, and when you elect them they have to explain to you why they are supporting all the republican policies they said they would stop.

It is a lot easier for the democrats to just lose. Most of them keep their jobs and they can give their donors what they want and tell the voters " we did the best we could but we are outnumbered"


surprise surprise -the criminals are acting like criminals --let us hope the Democrats will start to act like an opposition party and become the Resistance instead of the Assistance


I’ve just listened to this podcast, which for me (as a non american) brings more perspective to this whole republican/election débâcle:



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I just realized the Bear Fire rising north of me might burn out some loved ones. Millions of us are seeing snowy-looking ash-fall over our homes this awful morning. Lord have mercy.


I’m so sorry for all the “good” people of America. Keep safe yourself.
(And all the poor critters.)


What few folks seem to understand is that the Democrats ARE DOING SOMETHING. They are acting as the fake opposition party they are paid to play by their oligarch owners. Neither party cares who is in power as long as their bribery checks keep coming from their masters. And until the idiot citizens wake the fuck up and realize that NEITHER party gives a fuck about them everything will continue to descend into dystopian madness. Stop supporting and believing in the two party system. It is nothing but Kabuki theater to keep everyone distracted and entertained. And it is working perfectly as planned.


You seem to believe that arbitrarily altering the structure of govt is a breeze. I assure you that, had you the proper knowledge of this subject matter you would not have posted what you did.
While Trump makes temporary appointments, gets permanent ones through the McConnell run Senate, makes a mockery of democratic functioning, uses executive privilege like he was a monarch, you blame democrats…
Not that there arent many reasons to hold the Democratic Party’s feet to the fire, but job one is ridding us of the scourge of Donald J Trump. That means voting for Biden/Harris, voting fo rthe democrat running for both Houses ass well. Our very democracy is at stake here.

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The USA never was a democracy. And now it is an outright plutocracy. Biden/Harris will not change that simple fact.


The lawyers of the “Justice” Department need to un-resign. They need to get together and instead of resigning in protest (because that always leaves you -know-whats in charge and besides they have their own long careers in a no-job economy to think of) write a resignation letter for BIll Barr to sign, insisting that he sign it and leave. And they should refuse to do Barr’s work, at all.
He won’t leave, of course, toad that he is. But it should be something to highlight the real workers in the actual justice department, the department and the people we almost never see or hear about.
(No, not me, I’m just making an assumption from having worked for other jerks and yes this is my imagined [only] response.)