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Barr Slammed for Acting as 'Personal Henchman' of Trump as DOJ Moves to Take Over His Defense in Suit Filed by Rape Accuser

I see your points and I think they are valid. I would like to share with all of you a prophetic statement by one of the most infamous Fascists who ever lived. See how it has come true today:

"Fascism should more appropriately be called “corporatism” because it is a merger of state and corporate power" Benito Mussolini


Only the most politically, uninformed still believe that they live in a democracy, but with the Mafia Don and his fellow Republican, Mafia Lieutenants from my perspective Amerika is now a fascist, Mafiaocracy.


Agree 100%! The democrats fool so many well meaning acolytes into believing they are the opposition party, when nothing could be further from the truth because they are REALLY the fake opposition party. Their theme song should be: OH YES! WE ARE THE GREAT PRETENDERS.

I’ve read E. Jean Carroll’s book What do we need men for-A Modest Proposal. She describes two dozen sexual assaults she endured from the age of 8, including the one by Trump. Judith Krantz, in her autobiography, Sex and Shopping, describes Trump’s sexual assault when she refused to go with him to “see some rooms in my Tower”.
While we’re moaning about Bill Barr’s illegal acts, we’re overlooking the Beast in the room-serial sexual assaults committed by our elected President over the years, and probably continuing. It’s this cultural and religiously sanctioned acts of domination by men for centuries in the US that’s a direct link to our current governmental problems.
Trump, the GOP, and the Dems are acting as typical dominators, arm-in-arm with the global corporations. The system is rotten to the core, and women, people of color, and Gaia herself are the prey of the powerful. Until a man knows, in his gut, that, if he puts an unwanted hand on a woman and will pull back a stump, this will continue. Gaia, at least, is trying to regain balance. Fires, floods, extreme weather shifts…
My modest proposal…until women, Indigenous peoples, and peoples of color all hold seats at the table of our government on all levels in direct proportion to their population(meaning at least half of those seats will be held by women), this farce of a republic will continue its Kabuki play, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.

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Yet another matter that will likely end up being a drawn out law suit, eventually ending up in the SCOTUS.
We will be toothless if we keep letting the trump administration kick us in the mouth.

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When it comes to drumpf it’s all about using other people’s money.


Perfect for the “Hate the Democrats” web site. Are we proud to put our energy there, instead of concentrating on ousting the republican leadership?

I do not hate anyone, AND I do like some of the Progressive, Democrats …BUT I DETEST THE DINO’S!

Lock Him Up!!

(Refers to both of them, obviously, along with Giuliani, Pompeo, et al, et al, et al . . . )

Looks like deutsche bank is borrowing a page from their favorite customer drumpf’s playbook, almost. ~https://www.rawstory.com/2020/09/embattled-deutsche-bank-taps-long-time-bill-barr-ally-for-legal-representation-report/

If he took the government’s money for his personal use, we’d call it embezzlement. Taking the government’s services for his personal use is hardly different.

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I’ll see your modest proposal and raise. We should have representation that not only proportionally reflects gender, color, etc. but economic status as well.

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That’s all I’m suggesting. That we do separate the two. That’s why I have trouble with the term “duopoly.” It infers all.
I too detest bought and paid for politicians of all stripes.
Ousting republicans has to be the first order of business. We can chip away at corporate democrats along the way.

Now we’re talking. We should favor more than just three major party’s. imho. There are many scrambled up issues to deal with, and each party could champion one. We have seen how well party’s fare when taking on too many things. None get the attention they deserve.
Maybe that’s why governing moves so slowly.

That’s right. A difference without a difference.

People must demand that “Henchmen” be brought to court (HEH HEH HEH) not justice because Barr threw Justice out the window. Henchmen must face lengthy prison terms so that future henchmen will know and understand what awaits them. We can no longer count on legal beagles being driven by ethics. Many who study law simply look for ways to game the legal system for their personal advantage.

Outside the realm of current reality but I’d rather get rid of political parties altogether. Maybe then we would vote for candidates based on actual ideas not on branding.

If we could finance elections in a way where everyone has a chance, not just the well heeled I would agree.

Yes, and change their name to: THE TRUMP PARTY!

We heard trump say that he thought if he shot someone on 5th Ave. he would get away with it. Or more accurately, he wouldn’t lose any votes.With Barr in place I believe that really would be the case.