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Barred From Testifying for 'Valve Turners,' Renowned Climate Expert Speaks Out


Barred From Testifying for 'Valve Turners,' Renowned Climate Expert Speaks Out

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

To challenge "idiocy that we have in Washington," Dr. James Hansen argues climate activists have compelling case their protests are necessary to save planet

The "valve turners"


We, residents of the USA, shall probably die of old age, of cancer, of diabetes, of heart disease. A child born today might die partially of hunger as a contributing factor, because in 70 years the world’s wheat and rice belts won’t work that well, California’s irrigation ditches won’t work that well and the oceans won’t work that well.

In the meantime, most of the world’s forests are likely to turn into forests of dead sticks because trees don’t adapt quickly to climate. They can’t just pull up roots and walk north. So, we’re going to have a soot problem. The Arctic is going to turn into a giant methane and carbon dioxide release, both from the tundra and from the Arctic Ocean’s continental shelves. Greenhouse gases are expected to blossom on their own from 405 ppm to maybe 1000 ppm in time, without any more human help. This has happened often in the geologic past.

So, the question is not whether you or I have reduced our carbon footprint but whether everybody, the pipeline companies included, are going to participate in saving the lives of our descendants. We need transnational actions. Moreover, we need a proactive worldwide firefighting mentality to the problem. We need to get to work. We need that R&D which is languishing right now. Or else.


A judge who refuses to allow expert witnesses to provide defense of an acuseds actions, must be removed from the bench, as they are refusing one’s right to a fair trial.

Removed by force if necessary.

Is this America or the Russia?


The petropushers should have a clue that if certain types are properly awakened, their precious pipelines will be at risk for much more than passive valve turning. Their Orwellian smoke-and-mirrors game will not survive. How to effect peaceful change is of the utmost importance.


Another group of “terrorists” are being pursued by the FBI

So many “terrorists” challenging the status quo. Not enough FBI agents don’t have the time track down, say, those responsible for the 2008 financial collapse, nor has out bought out judiciary prosecuted government officials for torture. .

The FBI’s Hunt for Two Missing Piglets Reveals the Federal Cover-Up of Barbaric Factory Farms

Showing the cruelty to animals in factory farms, then having the temerity to make a facebook post with a video of what was seen at the pig “farm.”

Article by Glenn Greenwald published a few minutes ago.

Warning given in the article about photos that are disturbing.

Important to read the article to get the full force of the lengths which the government will go to protect corporations.

And didn’t Goerge Orwell write about pigs?


So said the fossil fuel judge. From what are we who acknowledge that climate chaos is real and happening are we misleading anyone? From climate denial perhaps or the very confusion that it is spreading deliberately? How do we take effective action against the tyranny of ignorance?


Thanks for the run-down. I’d add the microbial valence of the planet is already demonstrating migrational tendencies into the new and improved thermal niches. They in turn change the profiles of those niches and - hey, may the most appropriate microbe win.


John Gofman ran up against this same ‘legal’ barrier when he offered to testify on behalf of anti-nuclear activists.

The late Mr. Gofman, in his superb book “Irrevy”, included an entire chapter on legalities and justice, finding the writings of constitutional lawyer Lysander Spooner without peer, in Mr. Lysander’s legal argument - “An Essay on Trial by Jury” (1852).

I went to my University legal library and read much of this extensive essay, but for those who would like two for one and more importantly John Gofman’s personal summary of 'Trial by Jury", excerpts quoted directly from this lengthy legal argument (~ 200 pages as I recall), I would most highly recommend Mr. Gofman’s book, still available cheap on the internet.

Even if anti-nuclear is not on your reading agenda, the absolutely superb discussion of law vs justice, the road blocks essentially identical to those now being employed against Dr. Hansen, are worth the time and effort of obtaining this invaluable resource - hard copy !



Don’t confuse them with relevant facts? What is that judge smoking?


Confuse the jurors? The judge does not have much respect for North Dakota;s citizens’ intelligence.


In 70 years the world’s wheat & rice belts will have moved ‘North to Alaska’ – and Lapland, Greenland and Siberia – and the current Ocean Currents will undoubtedly have changed.  And you are probably right about California’s irrigation ditches — most folks figure they’ll be dry as a bone, but it’s possible that the warming of the oceans will create so much more evaporation – and resulting rainfall – that those irrigation ditches will be under fifteen feet of water and the whole central valley will be a lake.  The truth is, the situation is so complex that nobody can predict what’s most likely to happen — only that things will be changing A LOT . . .

“Grass” from one of Tweetle-Dumb’s golf courses?   Or one of Tweetle-Dumb’s farts??

I wonder if the Joint Chiefs of Staff could be called as witnesses?   IIRC, they’ve been warning for years about the potential effect of Global-Warming-Induced Climate Change on Amerika’s security.  I wish this incompetent judge good luck declaring the JCS unqualified to testify!!

Where is James M. Flagg now that we REALLY need him:
    Uncle Sam wants YOO
        To serve hard time
    Nearest Federal Prison


Force shouldn’t be necessary.


During his trial, Mr. Faster needs to ask the jury if they would be confused by evidence that global warming is a lot worse than turning off some valves. He needs to point out to the jury that the judge has ordered that he not be able to present a defense and that if the judge hadn’t stripped him and others of their legal rights, they would be able to show what the results of global warming really are. It wouldn’t hurt for him to read what the climate scientists have as evidence and explain it to the jury.


Corrupt Amerika has no justice. no competence, just a bunch of idiots politicians getting rich off fossil fuels, guns (killings), chemicals killing us and the planet. It is disgusting that we the people, animals, trees, forests, are just commodities to make profits for a few.


22 years in jail for turning off a valve.


It’s bitterly ironic that the folks destroying the environment are floating in wealth while those who try to raise our awareness of the onrushing catastrophe are demonized and cast down in dungeons. What distortions money and power inflict on truth and reality.


Sea-level rise is a major outfall of this global warming situation. Some scientists, including Hansen, have predicted several meters of rise which would destroy coastal cities and all infrastructure located near the coast which includes many of the nuclear power and waste facilities, roads, railroads, airports, thereby making for the same sorts of destruction and devastation as happened in Puerto Rico and Houston recently. More intense storms are also predicted. The new scenaria is much bleaker than your comments would suggest and possibly considerably sooner than 70 years due to positive feedback loops which are often not included in many predictive models.


What would help us, the readers, the most would be direct CONTACT info for all the PARTIES we need to contact to say, “STOP THIS NOW!”. As people who want our planet protected, rather than destroyed, as investors or as potential investors, we want these charges dropped. How do we get that word DIRECTLY to the TOP LEVEL powers that be, on this matter? That is what the article is missing.


Global Anti-Nuclear Campaign Coalition Wins Nobel Peace Prize
The committee lauded the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons as “a driving force” in "efforts to stigmatize, prohibit, and eliminate nuclear weapons."


" Mr. Foster faces up to 22 years in jail."

For what?