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'Barreling Towards Another Catastrophic War,' Pentagon Orders 1,000 More Troops to Middle East to Threaten Iran

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/06/18/barreling-towards-another-catastrophic-war-pentagon-orders-1000-more-troops-middle

“Doc, I can’t pick up my saber, my bone spurs hurt.”

“Send 1,000 soldiers in harm’s way and call me in the morning…”


To paraphrase Guitman - “fucking morons”.


Meanwhile, Trump continues to play the good cop bad cop game. But the neocon control of the USA was reestablished when he came to office and he is only fooling himself…


You are right. The wheels on the bus were affixed a long time ago. It is just so GD easy to hate this bastard and take our eyes off of the other more persistent forces out there. Dog, it’s easy to hate this fucker.


“Defense” doesn’t require sending troops halfway around the world. That’s called offense.


I remember well when Professor Davis instructed his communications class about how lying would destroy one’s credibility. Quaint. Now lies talk and truth walks.

The Trump admin is on the verge of lying us out of existence.

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Yep. None of this would be happening if Trump didn’t pull out of the Iran nuclear deal. - AOC

  1. Trump pulled out of the Iran nuclear deal simply to piss on and then erase another Obama success.

  2. Trump wants to erase all Obama successes because Obama made him the butt of jokes at the White House Correspondents Dinner, thereby bruising Trump’s fragile ego.

  3. Oh, also because Obama is black and Trump is a racist.


First, Iran is not guilty of doing anything. The US (and behind the scene Israel) is and has been the belligerent. This is the US following Douglas Feith’s neocon policy of “5 countries in 5 years”: Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria and Iran. War is the only game the US has got left. This is what we are: a vicious, ecocidal war-for-profit death cult.


Killing is grim ugly business. Don’t believe me? Just look at the way their faces reflect just how ugly this will be. Wake up folks, peace is the only solution. We can no longer afford to pretend these fools are rational as there is a huge possibility this will spiral out of control. That is the nature of war.

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Cute WiseOwl. They are just advisors. Sent to bring back the broomstick of the ayatollah.

Don’t forget, it’s the Saudis that are helping to keep his DC hotel afloat.

The big Buffoon using Scare Tactics again? And the Military is so Brain Dead they simply Obey Orders? I see Col Sanders / Bolton sneering in the background. Since we have little left to lose, Our main agenda should be to remove the warmongers ourselves, as Congress has become too Greedy and corrupt and will never do it.

These moves toward war by this insanely stupid administration on Iran is sheer phucking lunacy.
USA = death cult.
Europe, Russia and China, please put the brakes on this insanity asap.
Congress, put a full stop to this, now.
There is NO ‘win’ with another war in the mid east.

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Several points:
-Where on the planet was Eric Prince when the Japanese oil tanker was attacked?
-Pompeo as past CIA head said that training coursed are taken to learn how to “lie,cheat and steal”
-The real Troika of Tyranny: John Bolton, Eliot Abrams and Mike Pompeo.

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sadly, the US as almost no peace movement to resist just as we need one badly. If Trump should actually start bombing, the US public inevitably rallies around the military, its too late then, though it might be a little consolation that inevitably Americans will face a spike in oil prices that power their SUVs.
At least I’m glad my Congressman (Cicilline as noted) who is part of the Democratic leadership, is resisting

The majority of Dems in Congress voted in favor of even larger increases in the military budget than Trump asked for.

I presume they knew that America’s MIC “jobs program,” is used to kill people.

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I wish we could find something more constructive for our military industrial complex to do than killing poor people stuck in some other nation’s military.

I think it would be constructive to reduce the MIC in size and influence. Apparently, its largest goal is perpetuating its own funding. Its record in actual wars over the last few decades has been abysmal outside of running up huge tabs.

Despite the fact that this action is just wrong on so many fronts, you bring up the 500 lb. gorilla no one wants to talk about with this subject, Russia and China. The last few months have seen little bits of information come out about them and their relationship with Iran, as energy trading partners. I wont be surprised at all to see dire warnings come from both (Russia and China), when the US advances forward with military action against Iran. As we saw in Venezuela, Russia will send troops to protect it’s economic interests.

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