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Barrett Is Not Qualified to Be a Supreme Court Justice

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/09/30/barrett-not-qualified-be-supreme-court-justice

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From what I’ve read she’s a member of a Catholic cult. Fundy?, maybe? Worse? This isn’t a theocracy. Iran is, send her there instead. I am a staunch supporter of the FFRF, (Freedom From Religion Foundation). We don’t need to replace Scalia with another Fundy Catholic. But since the Senate controls things ‘Moscow’ Mitch will shove her through as fast as possible. Sad.

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Best I can tell, Barrett is not qualified to walk around without a helmet, much less be a Supreme Court Justice.

She is disqualified because Trump has stated he needs her on the court so they can over throw the US government the way they did in 2000. 9/11 happened because of these republican SC justices.

Such a joke ------corporate media------wrong for democrats to pack the court------Trump chewed out Obama in the debate for not appointing judges------McConnell prevented Obama from appointing Judges---------McConnell and the republicans are the ones who have been packing the courts.

Alan is grasping at straws.
14 years ago, speaking to graduating students.
Reminding them that Catholic lawyers do have a responsibility
to further God’s work in our society.
Alan’s two complaints are executions and abortion.
Neither issue disqualifies Barrett at all.
The supreme court has had five Catholics aboard for at least
one year and Roe vs wade is still in effect. Why?

I have only read one complaint that she is the wrong religion
for this supreme court appointment.

Not Harvard or Yale !!
Midwest !!
getting even better
A lady justice !!

This article is the best argument yet that Barret is not qualified to sit on the Supreme Court. Her understanding of the Kingdom of Heaven is incorrect. This Kingdom is not a physical place, particularly not a physical place on earth. It is not a human institution nor is it a set of legal documents or human laws. It is also not a material thing. The Kingdom of Heaven is a set of values and attitudes, it’s a state of consciousness that places the Supreme at the center of one’s personal life, personal decisions and personal actions. If Barret personally does not believe in abortion she doesn’t have to have one. But to try and build the Kingdom of Heaven through law is like trying to build a house with words. The separation of church and state means freedom to believe whatever religion you please, and freedom not to believe at all. If she believes that a lawyer’s essential task is to “build” the Kingdom of Heaven, she fails to grasp that this cannot be built via the State. Each individual finds this consciousness within themselves, or they don’t. It’s not the State’s role to define what the will of God is. When we co-mingle religion and state, the religion becomes ossified and dogmatized and the state becomes abusive. I agree with this article; Barrett cannot faithfully carry out the duties of a Supreme Court Justice because she is confused about what society can and should legislate and what it should not. On another note, she is the polar opposite of Ginsburg, who devoted her life to the expansion of human rights, Barrett’s passion appears to be the contraction of human rights based on an faulty understanding of spirituality.

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She will confirmed.