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Barriers, Water Cannons, Arrests: Netanyahu Treats Thousands of Israeli Protesters Against His Corruption Like Palestinians

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/07/19/barriers-water-cannons-arrests-netanyahu-treats-thousands-israeli-protesters


“Dont shoot…they might be jews!”

Fascists on the move…

Trump Prepping To Dispatch Federal Squads To More Democratic Cities, Warns Mark Meadows

The president claims violence is up in “Democrat-run” cities. “They are liberally run, they are stupidly run,” he said in an interview.


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Is trump trying to make us mad at him? Well, it works for me.
Heil trumpler.
This may end up with anti-protest groups and tactics getting bloody.
I wouldn’t want to hear of a young man or woman soldier getting one between the eyes for fucking with American civilians exercising their rights of protest.

I still think that having the policing units march on the periphery of the protest marchers would keep people from branching off to vandalize or steal stuff.