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Baseball Takes A Knee

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/further/2020/07/23/baseball-takes-knee

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Kneeling, and then standing for the anthem is rather chicken. For those who believe that sports aren’t supposed to be political I offer that sports became political the day it was decided to play the national anthem before each game. If you don’t want sports politicized, then stop playing the national anthem before each game. (I believe playing the anthem might have been a Cold War antic).


Yeah, that and ‘one nation UNDER GOD’ in the pledge of allegiance.


Hi Rimbaudsfist:

sigh----and the words," rockets red gIare , bombs bursting on air," and it’s impossibe to sing , and it Ioves, Ioves war, war, war—
There’s " My country Tis of thee sweet Iand of liberty of thee I sing -"-- but there stiII is not enough Liberty here for aII the people.
We need a new and a real song—I wonder what that could be? …


And In God We Trust, which was added to our money. Pressure exerted by the Knights of Columbus. Too many people think this is our national motto instead of E pluribus unum “From many, one” a much more apt idea; in theory anyway.

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Even as a kid, I always thought America the Beautiful should be our national anthem. Better images & ideas; better melody; written by a school teacher; an original tune instead of a British drinking song with a mediocre poem shoehorned into it.


Not exactly a national anthem, but Woody Guthrie wrote ‘This Land is your land’ because he was tired of hearing ‘God Bless America’. Works for me!


I’m with you. (But probably too “common man” for most or all

I like Ray Charles doing America the Beautiful.

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What a shameful demonstration by the baseball players. There is only isolated cases of racism in this country. The whole movement is unfounded. I have never heard of any black leader tell black people to behave properly when dealing with the police. Rather, they mouth off and talk back and give the police a hard time. I know how it feels. I too feel intimidated by the police sometime, but they have a difficult job to do to protect themselves, suspects and others. You have to speak and act appropriately, or else YOU are responsible for the chain of events afterwards. On the other hand if you do speak and act appropriately and the police act unprofessional then they need to be held accountable. Very few cases are actually like this though. Yes if you are walking in a high crime area, the police are going to pull you over and act for your ID. That’s their job to keep an eye on things. The real problem in this country is not racism but the economic and cultural degradation of society brought about because the wealthy elite have been stealing larger percentages of economic productivity gains since the 1970s. Do your research. Read “Winner Take All Politics” and “The System” . Furthermore as a result of this degradation, I will admit the police are under a lot of stress in terms of proper screening, and physical and psychological training. They need to be paid more too.

What gives entertainers and sports players the right to voice their political opinion just because they have a camera? I can not make any such demonstrations at work or else I would get fired. So what makes them special? Why do we have to be insulted just to consume their political opinion? Do I have to buy my groceries now with a political message on every box? Do I have to listen to my doctors political opinions in the Doctors office? Do I have to listen the baker and convenience store diatribe before I buy my cake and fill up the car with gas?

Well, I hope they at least continue to do the military industrial complex “stealth jet” flyovers.

I also hope they keep replacing the 7-th inning stretch and take-me-out-to-the-ballgame with a moment of silence to appreciate our troops and our endless wars whilst some f’kd up toby keith song makes my ears bleed.

This is how to make BLM meaningless: ritualized, all-together feal-goodyism. Pretty soon you’ll tune in to hear a game on the radio and the announcer will say, “This Take-a-Knee moment is sponsored by Wilson Tire–Wilson Tire for all your auto, farm and sport needs.”

See what happens if they strike until police violence ends. Heck, see what happens if one of them even dares to criticize the police in a televised interview!

Also, the stands are empty in that pic.

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All the stands are empty - they are playing this season in empty stadiums due to the Covid-19 pandemic.


BFM … Black FATHERS Matter! Meaning; homes with fathers present results in exponentially better outcomes for the children. Crime, jobs, education, and multiple more areas are all greatly improved. The responsibility needs to be not just the fathers who depart the family, but also the mothers choices as well!

Way to go players. This is a major step in the right direction. I have to believe that
somewhere Roberto Clemente, and many others, are smiling and giving these guys
a big rhumbs-up.

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A little touchy are we? There’s nothing about this that should make you feel “insulted”.

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I wish I could send you a million likes.

Actually there’s a much longer history of the Star Spangled Banner and sporting events starting from the Civil War where it was played at the dedication of a baseball stadium in New York. Then it really took off during World War I when it started getting played at World Series games (the first time being when Babe Ruth - then a pitcher for the Red Sox - went up against the Cubs in Chicago). It essentially became a fixture in the run up to World War II and has been there at every game since that era. My favorite story with this history that bucks that trend was little Goshen College in Indiana run by Pacifist Mennonites who refused to use it because of it’s militaristic lyrics and even today plays America the Beautiful before sporting events instead.

Wow------be respectful to your captures-----We live in a CORPORATE MILITARY POLICE STATE--------and many have been programed to accept this-----just understand the media is only showing 10% of what is going on in this country------the ruling elite are hard at work stealing everything that’s not nailed down.